JPMorgan Chase homeownership center in Chicago

For families in Chicago who are struggling to pay their mortgage or stay current on payments, JPMorgan Chase has opened centers where borrowers can speak to a counselor. They have two locations in the area.

Chase built its first Homeownership Center in Melrose Park to help people with buying a home. Chase has added two new homeownership centers, located at 4730 West 79th St and ____. This means that Chase now has almost 30 locations across the nation.

Get mortgage assistance from Chase Homeownership Centers

Chase decided to create these local Homeownership Centers across Chicago and the nation so that homeowners can get help when they need it. You can now talk to a trained loan advisor or mortgage counselor about your personal and financial situation. Chasec offers many resources and programs. This initiative will help families stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure.

Chase, EMC, and Washington Mutual have homeownership centers where borrowers can go to speak with loan advisors about their options if they are struggling to make payments.

The advisors and counselors at each center in Chicago are trained to help borrowers with their finances, review possible workout options and loan modifications, and answer any questions. They may also schedule appointments to help reduce wait times and ensure they are providing excellent customer service.

At each center, there are advisors who are trained as well as other professionals. A team of homeownership advisors will provide free advice to anyone who has bought a home and can no longer afford their monthly payments. The advisors will help customers figure out their financial situation and what their next steps should be. The assistance is for homeowners who want to avoid foreclosure and stay in their home. The trained advisors will meet with the homeowner and assess their financial situation, review possible workout options, and refer them to other programs if they can’t help. They will do whatever they can to help the borrower.

The amount of help that Chase has given is very large. Since the Obama administration’s Making Home Affordable program began, Chase has approved hundreds of thousands of trial modifications.

Homeowners who want to learn more about their options with Chase, or who don’t live near a center, can call 1-866-550-5705.

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