Kern County Aging and Adult Services programs.

If you are 55 or older and live in Kern County, you can get help from Aging and Adult Services. The non-profit agency is responsible for organizing and overseeing different programs, services, and resources. These resources can include senior nutrition, support for Family Caregivers, and various other services. The following programs are available in the region:

The Senior Nutrition service provides cheap, daily noon meals. The program provides seniors with a place to socialize and receive information on clearinghouse services. This program is funded by the State General Fund and the Federal Older Americans Act.

The Aging Center’s In-Home Supportive Services Program helps blind, aged, or disabled people who can’t safely stay in their homes without help. IHSS is an in-home care program that provides care for people who are unable to care for themselves. This care can include help with activities of daily living, such as bathing and eating, and can be provided by a family member, friend, or professional caregiver. To be eligible for Medi-Cal benefits, recipients must meet certain requirements.

The IHSS services available in Kern County include help with domestic tasks such as housecleaning, meal preparation and grocery shopping. This type of care is necessary when someone is unable to perform these activities on their own. There are also personal care services that help with things like eating, going to the bathroom, and taking care of personal hygiene. This type of care is necessary when someone is unable to do these things on their own. Workers can help clients with transportation, bathing, grooming, dressing, mobility, and transfer assistance, as well as paramedical care.

The Lanterman-Petris-Short Conservatorship Program helps people who the California court system has decided are severely disabled because of mental illness. The program provides conservatorships that allow for involuntary treatments to help reduce or eliminate grave disability in patients to the point where they are capable of accepting third-party assistance.

The Kern County Aging and Adult Services is in charge of this area. The LPS Conservatorship court appointed decision maker provides referrals to treatment, work with mental health personnel, and much more.

The Family Caregiver Support Program from the Kansas City Area Agency on Aging provides services and assistance to people caring for family members who are incapacitated due to illness, age, or disability. This program is designed to help caregivers improve their own health and wellbeing, so that they can provide better care for their loved ones.

Other programs that are run by KCAAS are for both the elderly member of the home and the caregiver. There are services available in the area for legal aid, credit counseling, and support groups. Staff help clients with getting an education and training, and this covers topics such as medication management or information on applying for Medicare.

There are also services that provide relief for a short amount of time, which is important for the wellbeing of both the person giving care and the person receiving care. Staff also help arrange for Care Coordination, which are free, comprehensive assessments to determine what services the client needs.

Kern County Aging and Adult Services Senior Information and Referral is a program designed to help the elderly, their spouses, and their families identify and access the most beneficial assistance for them. There are many services that states offer to those in need, such as transportation, home health services, and Meals on Wheels.

There are many other non-profits that help senior citizens and the elderly in Kern County, especially those with a low income. They may help with things like filling out forms and getting money back on your utility bills. There are also local food pantries and farmer market coupons available to help people get access to healthy food options.

Volunteers in outer Kern County offer senior outreach services. There is also the related Seniors Active, Giving, and Engaged (SAGE) program in the Bakersfield area. The program provides assistance to older adults and the disabled. There are opportunities for people who may be isolated and alone to socialize and be stimulated. Program volunteers maintain regular contact with participants and provide advocacy services as needed.

Kern County Aging and Adult Services is the main office of the charity. The address for getting help for the elderly and the people who care for them is 5357 Truxtun Ave., Bakersfield, California 93309. For more details, call 661-868-1000.

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