Assistance Program

Kings County assistance programs.

Foreclosure assistance and intervention

Many grants and funding totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars was given to the Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP) in Brooklyn. The organization plans to use the money to expand its foreclosure intervention project.

The Foreclosure Intervention Project is helping New York and Brooklyn families with their mortgages. They offer free legal help and foreclosure counseling to homeowners who are struggling. The VLP has created a free initiative to help low and moderate income families who are facing foreclosures in Brooklyn. The initiative provides direct representation, counsel, and advice to families in need. The two organizations will provide free legal assistance to homeowners and borrowers who are required to attend a court settlement conference. The lawyers and attorneys will provide a limited representation or mediation session to help the individuals resolve their case. Call the attorneys at 718-624-0675 to learn more about how to get mortgage help.

Charitable and educational law assistance

Several local legal services agencies, bar associations and other nonprofit organizations in the Brooklyn New York area have been awarded additional private and government grants.

The money will be used to help programs that give low-income or poor immigrants, people who suffer from domestic violence, and senior citizens and the elderly who are neglected or abused free legal advice and justice, and to incarcerated women. Some of the grant money will also be used to help people who need help with legal guardianships, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and debt from credit cards and other sources.

The local attorneys and law organizations to contact in Brooklyn are: South Brooklyn Legal Services Inc.; the Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project Inc.; and There are a few ways to get free legal advice. Many law schools have clinics where law students provide free legal services to the public. There are also a number of non-profit organizations that provide free or low-cost legal services. Finally, some state and local bar associations have programs that offer free or low-cost legal services. This can be rephrased as “Is there anything more that can be said on this topic?” or “Is there anything else that can be said on this topic?”

Rent and housing assistance

The Department of Youth and Community Development in New York City provides services and resources that can help with rent. The assistance program known as housing advocacy and assistance helps people with things like understanding their basic tenants’ rights, going through eviction proceedings, and getting housing support and rent assistance benefits. This organization provides funding for programs that offer referrals to counseling, local charities, and other activities and organizations that may be useful. The number for the company is (212) 442-6015.

Immigrant family services

The DYCD also provides assistance for immigrants. They try to help immigrant families and individuals get the most out of the educational, professional, health, social, and employment resources that are available to them.

Additional assistance programs

There are many other organizations that operate in the greater New York City and Kings County region, including resources, non-profits, and government programs. Many working poor and low income families rely on these services every year. There is help available for things like bills, food, rent, and more. I need more help with my New York City trip.

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