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Knox County assistance programs.

Get help with paying your mortgage

The Kno-Ho-Co-Ashland is offering a Mortgage Assistance Program to help people with their mortgage payments. The program was designed to help those who are underemployed or who have lost their jobs since 2008. The term underemployment is used to describe a situation in which an individual is working at a job that pays less than their previous job, even though they are qualified for a position that pays more. To speak with someone, please call (740) 397-5843.

The program is designed to help people who have never needed assistance before but are now facing a financial emergency or are in a situation where they need help paying their mortgage, through no fault of their own. This policy change will hopefully stop foreclosures from happening as often in the County and Ohio.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will provide federal government stimulus funds to homeowners in Mt. Vernon and Knox County Ohio who are struggling with their monthly mortgage payments. What other programs are available to help with my mortgage?

There are some requirements that must be met in order to receive aid. The borrower must be at least one month behind in their payment in order to qualify. There are also some income requirements. The organization will pay up to $4,000 of your mortgage if you are qualified and have fallen behind by up to three months.

Other conditions for receiving assistance include meeting income guidelines and working with their bank or mortgage lender to postpone any foreclosure processes for at least a period of 30 days. This part of the program is crucial to the application process because it gives struggling homeowners more time to find a permanent solution to their mortgage problems, rather than just the $1,000 grant.

Help paying bills in Knox County Ohio

The Salvation Army of Mt. Vernon Ohio can help low income individuals with financial assistance, cash grants, and other forms of aid. If you are struggling to pay your Columbia Gas or Dominion East Ohio Gas bill, the Salvation Army may be able to help by providing funding to cover the cost. The Salvation Army also has an on-site food pantry and thrift store to help those in need. Another popular program is the availability of financial assistance for paying for prescriptions when funding is available. This medication program provides medicine for those who are elderly, disabled, or have a life-threatening condition. Call the Mount Vernon Ohio Salvation Army at (740) 392-8716 to learn about heating assistance programs, or get referrals to other Ohio heating assistance programs.

This group does not have any cash available, but the Interchurch Social Services of Know County can provide food and meals. This program provides up to three meals per day for three days, once every 30 days, to people in need in the community. Other food pantries and Hot Meals programs in the area can be contacted for assistance, as well as government food programs. This is a phone number. Centerburg is a city in Ohio.

Interchurch Social Services partners with the local fire department and another non-profit called the Station Break to help those in need. The agencies help people to stay cool in the summer by working with other individuals and businesses in the community. Families in need can get help paying for air conditioning or fans through government assistance programs. Other summertime assistance programs may be administered in Mount Vernon as well. This is an example of a sentence that could be rephrased in one’s own words. The original sentence is: “I can’t believe she said that.” I can’t believe she would say something like that.

The Centerburg Church of Good can help with getting food, either by giving it away for free, or through a food pantry/groceries. Please call (740) 327-1678.

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