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Lackawanna County Pennsylvania Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in Lackawanna County may be able to provide help to families who are in a difficult situation. This financial support is for people who are trying to become independent and who have a sudden emergency. Other essential items such as food, clothing, or help with Christmas may be more easily available in the community.

The amount of money available to help people with expenses such as rent or utility bills is very small. The case managers will try to help you by giving you referrals to other agencies in Lackawanna County if the service you need is not available. There are many organizations that can help with needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. The Salvation Army is just one example. Community groups or churches may offer support to individuals who are struggling.

After you make an appointment, you will have a private meeting with someone where you can talk confidentially. The applicant should bring proof of income, a budget, residency, and details on why they are struggling to this session.

The Salvation Army staff member will try to help you with your problem. This may include things like emergency assistance or other long term support like budget counseling or employment. If the government offers aid in the form of SSI disability or food stamps, then help may be given with the application process.

Food pantries are places where people can go to get food that would otherwise go to waste. The staff and volunteers at these pantries work to get food from the USDA or from the larger community. There are a few ways to get food from Feeding America. One way is to participate in a food drive. Another way is to take advantage of donations from restaurants or retailers. And in some cases, you can purchase food directly from Feeding America. Whatever the pantry has collected is available for qualified clients.

Some people who live in Scranton, Pennsylvania cannot leave their homes to get food. In some cases, volunteers from the Salvation Army will bring food to these people’s homes. The applicant must have little to no income and no way or means to leave their home. There are some people who can’t go out to get food who can get it delivered to their homes.

There are resources that can provide clothing, but this depends on goods that were donated. In western Pennsylvania, some of the items that might be given away for free include shoes, boots, maternity clothes, and school uniforms for students. However, there are no guarantees that any of these items will be available.

The Salvation Army may provide free clothing vouchers to families in need during a disaster or other exceptional circumstances. These will allow the Lackawanna County resident to receive an article of clothing they need, such as toiletries.

During difficult economic times, seniors and children are two groups of people who are especially vulnerable. Case managers always try to focus on the needs of their clients. There are many ways to get help with food, whether it’s a box of groceries, a meal for students, or a meal for seniors. There are many organizations that can help with food insecurity.

The Salvation Army may offer financial aid to people in need of help paying for essential living expenses. This will help families who are behind on rent or who don’t have a security deposit for a home. There are various eligibility requirements for different programs, which may be based on income, disability, age, and other factors.

Utility bill assistance can be provided if needed. People who need help paying for their home energy costs can get referrals to federal grants from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) or from Heat Share, which is a Salvation Army affiliated program that helps people in Scranton and nearby counties. This means that instead of receiving money back, the client is given a discount on their future energy costs.

Seasonal assistance typically refers to donation-based programs that help people during specific times of the year, such as the holidays. When available, there may be free Back-to-School supplies. Project Bundle-Up provides winter coats and boots for children, as well as Christmas assistance. The Salvation Army in Scranton has a program called Adopt a Family where you can sign up to give gifts to a family in need, or you can volunteer to serve free hot meals during Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.

Volunteers from the Lackawanna County center visit nursing home residents and hospital patients to bring them holiday joy. The fellowship may be the only visitor that someone gets. When possible, they will also try to bring a gift.

Phone for Scranton area Salvation Army assistance programs

The Lackawanna County Service Center is at 500 South Washington Street in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The intake phone number is 570-344-9280 or 570.344.9878.

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