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Some people who live in Las Vegas cannot afford to pay for their own attorney. They can get help from a free attorney. There are many organizations that offer free or low-cost legal assistance and advice. There are many different kinds of civil issues that can be helped with, like preventing someone from being evicted, help with debt collectors, and assistance in housing court.

The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada usually coordinates services, but there are some cases where it will refer people to other local programs or agencies. The firm provides services for civil cases, some of which are listed below.

The main focus will be on helping homeowners who are facing foreclosure or those residents who have outstanding debts. The Las Vegas homeowner who is facing a foreclosure will be represented by staff from the firms, including paralegals. If you are struggling to make payments to your creditors, they may be able to help you by negotiating with your other creditors. You will work with a lawyer to explore possible legal defenses, or you will work with your lender to modify your loan.

One option for dealing with foreclosure is to attend a local foreclosure class. Participants will be given information about resources like the State of Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program, mediation, and other resources.

This means that if you are receiving a lot of calls from creditors or debt collectors, you can get additional support. Consumers in Clark County can get advice and access to brief service, along with referrals to non-profit credit counseling or HUD approved agencies.

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There are also community outreach and education activities available across Clark County to help low-income residents identify and avoid predatory lending practices. Individuals can explore different programs to help pay off their debts or mortgage. It is important to understand what type of obligations are attached to these debts.

The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada can help with eviction prevention through different housing programs they offer in Las Vegas and the region. In addition to my own efforts, I am also working with the landlord to find a solution. The lawyers from the non-profit firm can also help with any questions or issues you may have with public and subsidized housing units in Clark County.

While there are only a limited amount of resources, tenants who are facing threats of domestic violence, have disabilities, are elderly, or may have difficulty accessing justice because of limited English proficiency, are given priority in receiving assistance. The goal is to help clients find permanent, affordable housing to prevent them from being homeless.

Government benefits can help people in need. Many people, including those with disabilities, need help and support in order to gain access to housing benefits or to keep their current housing. Perhaps they need assistance getting financial benefits like SSI from social security or SNAP from social services. If an individual is low income and needs public aid, legal support can help them by appealing a denial of their application and providing other assistance.

This lawyer wants to help poor people get and keep government benefits like money for families with kids, disability benefits, and child care.

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The attorneys from the non-profit can help people who have been denied something they should have gotten. They also strive to help people who have difficulty understanding or navigating the welfare agency or bureaucracy, in order to get the benefits they need.

There may be some immigration services offered in Las Vegas. This can include help with the US Department of Homeland Security, customs, and legal rights for immigrants. The Legal Aid Center in Clark County may offer some free or low-cost advice, counsel, guidance, and other services.

Enforcing the rights of immigrants is another way to help them. Many people are wrongly denied benefits because of the complex rules about who is eligible, and paralegals can help make sure that people who are entitled to benefits get them. If you were turned down for financial assistance and are now isolated, there is free aid available to help you.

There are programs designed specifically for older people. This can include things such as helping the elder keep their housing, getting them government benefits like Medicare, helping them with any potential physical and emotional decline.

The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada helps improve the economic security of elderly people and seniors, as well as other adults. Social Security and SSI benefits can help seniors in Clark County get out of poverty. They also work to protect the rights of their clients by representing them in court and advocating for them in front of judges and other lawyers.

One of the main concerns for people living in Las Vegas is having access to quality healthcare, especially for seniors. They have the right to quality medical or dental care that is affordable. Representatives work to ensure that people with disabilities and everyone, regardless of age, have access to the coverage and services they need for good health.

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How to get free legal advice and attorneys in Clark County and Las Vegas

This office is located at 725 E Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104. If you need legal assistance in Southern Nevada, you can call the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada at (702) 386-1070 to set up an intake appointment.

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