Assistance Program

Lea County and Hobbs Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army Family Service Center in Lea County provides financial assistance and basic necessities to residents in need. This organization helps people in the community by raising money from their thrift store. They use this money to support people who need help paying for rent or utilities. However, they don’t always have enough money to help everyone who needs it. The Salvation Army in Hobbs New Mexico is more likely to offer food, Christmas meals or free gifts, and clothing.

Almost 20% of families in the region are living in poverty and the level has not improved much in recent years. Families often need help with many different things. This can include help with childcare, bills, and other necessary expenses. Various programs are combined together to help because offering food or basic needs is often not enough.

There are places that can help meet basic needs for families, like the Salvation Army in Hobbs. They have a food pantry, clothing closet, and thrift store. The assistance provided by the Lea County Emergency Assistance Program includes free boxes of food, hot meals and lunches, back to school supplies such as notebooks, clothing, pens, pencils, and more, summer and winter clothing for working poor families, vouchers that people impacted by a disaster can use to shop for goods, and job seekers can seek help such as suits, work attire, and more. The disabled in Lea County may have goods delivered to their home.

The primary fundraiser for the Lea County Salvation Army is their thrift store. This is a public place. This clinic provides medical care to patients of all races, religions, and backgrounds from across the county. It is based in Hobbs, New Mexico. This store has a lot of furniture and other items like beds and cribs for children.

The amount of money you save at the thrift store will depend on what you buy. Families can save up to 30% off retail costs by furnishing parts of their new home themselves. Keep in mind that anything you purchase will be secondhand, and new items are scarce. The Salvation Army thrift store volunteers will clean up all items before they are sold. Everything will be professionally packaged.

All the items sold at the thrift store go towards helping people financially. This means that when something is sold at the location, the money is used to pay for some of the administrative costs, and the extra money is given to income-qualified families in the form of a grant.

The Salvation Army in Hobbs will provide assistance with both housing and medical needs. This means that people who do not have enough insurance coverage will be given money to help pay for things like rent, utility bills, or medications. There are financial resources available for immigrants and non-English speakers, as well as senior citizens who may need assistance with housing or rent. Another priority is to help people with disabilities pay for their expenses and get the care they need. There are other types of financial aid that may be available to you, including loans.

This service helps people who are struggling with things like poverty, disability, and being an immigrant by giving them access to resources and support. This program helps those who are struggling to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness, as well as provides aid to the sick and uninsured. This means that whether you are looking for a job, applying for government aid such as TANF, or referrals, the agency will have the information you need. The Salvation Army in Lea County provides information about disability loans as a possible solution for those in need.

There are also social services available if you need them just once. The organization provides assistance during times of disaster, as well as during holidays. Both of these rely on people who are willing to give their time for free, as well as money. The American Red Cross and the Salvation Army may work together to respond to an event. They have resources like food, water, and shelter. Christmas Assistance is a program that provides free toys, gifts, and meals to people in need. The donations for this program come from the Angel Tree program.

The Lea County Salvation Army provides financial aid and social services to residents of Hobbs, New Mexico. To get information, call 505-397-2119.

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