Assistance Program

Lebanon County Salvation Army emergency assistance programs.

The Salvation Army is dedicated to helping as many people as possible in the Lebanon Pennsylvania region. Although their resources may be limited, programs can still provide assistance to the elderly, training and mentoring to support the homeless and people facing eviction, and holiday joy to children. This means that Lebanon County families can get help with things like character building, job training, and other social services from one place. If you have been affected by a natural disaster, there may be resources available to help you.

Emergency assistance is the most common request, but it can be difficult to fulfill. The non-profit provides food to soup kitchens and food pantries, as well as other meal programs. They work hard to prevent or reduce hunger in their community. Some restaurants offer special holiday menus for Thanksgiving and Christmas. These meals typically include a protein, a vegetable, and a starch, and are meant to provide a well-rounded and nutritious meal to those who may not have access to one otherwise. The center of operations for this company is located at 1031 Guilford St in Lebanon. To reach the customer service line for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, dial 717-273-2655.

The services of a counselor and case manager are available. The Salvation Army provides counseling services to help people become self-sufficient. The counselors are highly trained and experienced. They can help with a wide variety of needs. Emergency assistance, crisis intervention, credit repair, self-sufficiency programs, counseling, referral, budgeting, and more are all additional services that are available.

Get information and enroll in workshops that cover topics such as household budgeting and finance. The Salvation Army does more than just provide spiritual guidance; the non-profit will also connect clients with other local organizations that can offer additional resources.

The programs help make change happen. Counseling can help connect teens with mentors, and improve retention rates in school. Case workers help to solve the problem of violence in local neighborhoods. The counseling sessions are designed to help the person address all aspects of their life, including their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Providing employment opportunities is another key focus.

Assistance programs will help the homeless, abandoned or abused, offer training and mentoring to the low income and disadvantaged. Resources can help the displaced or elderly in the area. This means that if you meet the qualifications for the service, your information will be kept private.

The case management services will help residents gain power and ability to overcome obstacles and change any unfavorable circumstances.

During the holiday season, the Salvation Army will try to provide more resources to these programs if possible. This happens during Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Many families in Lebanon struggle during the holidays, both financially and emotionally. The Salvation Army is there to help them. Some organizations (such as Salvation Army) also have programs that help with utility bills. Some programs may offer free gifts, especially for children. Other organizations may have programs to help with utility bills.

Holiday assistance and other programs are partly funded by donations, sale of goods from thrift stores and the annual red kettle campaign. This campaign is where people can donate money to the Salvation Army. They also work with many other non-profit and charity groups to support children and seniors in the community. Many children across the country have received new toys on Christmas morning from Salvation Army programs. Some other things you can get for winter are free coats and clothing, boots, and more.

These holiday programs depend on the kindness of the people in the community. Every year, around the holidays, lots of businesses and people donate clothes, toys, and other gifts to an organization that gives them to people in need. The Salvation Army provides company and support to people who may feel lonely during the holidays, such as seniors and those who are confined to their homes. Volunteers in Lebanon County Pennsylvania visit nursing home residents and hospital patients to bring them Christmas gifts, meals and fellowship.

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