Lima-Allen Council on Community Affairs assistance programs.

The local community action agency, the Lima-Allen Council on Community Affairs, helps low income families escape poverty. They can help clients receive emergency support, such as for rent or paying heating bills, while helping them find meaningful employment over the long term. There are a lot of resources you can use.

Rent, utility bill and foreclosure assistance

LACCA is a non-profit that is funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). They work to help both homeowners and tenants who are facing eviction, and to prevent homelessness in the county and across Ohio.

The Homeless Crisis Response Plan is a two-part program that provides both prevention services and rapid rehousing. The goal of the preventative component is to help people who are at risk of losing their homes. This can include tenants or homeowners who may have difficulty making their mortgage payments.

The other component, which is known as rehousing, helps clients who are currently homeless and staying in places that are not safe or comfortable. The staff from LACCA helps low income families to find affordable housing.

LACCA uses a person’s current financial situation to determine if they are eligible for HCRP. To be eligible, a person must be facing an imminent hardship. The money part of this can include a grant for past due rent, help with foreclosure, or money for a security deposit.

LACCA helps people who want to buy a first home by giving them the information and resources they need. The organization offers seminars on topics related to purchasing a home, as well as classes on homeownership. This is done to make sure that every part of the buying process is considered.

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The school offers different classes that use various speakers to teach topics such as creating a budget, establishing good credit, performing home repairs and maintenance, pre-purchase, free foreclosure prevention advice, and applying for housing insurance.

Low interest loans and grants may be provided to help you pay for college. AL-DAP is a program that helps income-qualified Allen County residents with down payments and closing costs. It runs all year long. This is only for people who are working to purchase their first homes. The client needs to go to classes to get credits that are traded for the money help.

If you live in Allen County and are having disputes with your landlord or bank, you can use mediation services to try to resolve the issue. There are no lawyers or judges involved in mediation, and the goal is to provide an alternative to homelessness or court action.

The Summer Crisis Program in Ohio helps people with their electric bills. The non-profit helps people who cannot afford to pay their electricity bill during the summer. The Lima-Allen Council on Community Affairs can help you save money on your monthly utility bills by teaching you how to properly use your air conditioning unit.

In addition to providing free air conditioners or fans to clients, Summer Crisis may also provide free supplies to seniors. However, this will depend on what is available. There is financial assistance available for those who need help paying for their electricity. The program starts on June 1 and ends on August 31, or when the funds run out.

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The Winter Crisis Program is a program that helps people with their heating bills. This program gives money to people who are working but don’t make a lot of money, so that they can keep their power turned on and have heat in their homes. The main focus of this non-profit is to help seniors and the disabled.

The Lima-Allen Council on Community Affairs Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program helps elderly and low-income families who are having trouble paying their winter heating bills and are in danger of having their service shut off. If you have had your service disconnected or have received a disconnect notice, you may be eligible for up to $175. Funding is limited, so this assistance may not be available to everyone.

The PIPP Plus program in Ohio helps low-income households by setting up extended payment plans with utility and natural gas companies. This means that gas and electric companies must accept payments from households based on a certain percentage of their income. The client will pay 10% for electric heating and cooling, and 6% of income for gas or electric.

Additional support from Allen Council on Community Affairs

Prescription Assistance in Medicine helps people who cannot afford to pay for their prescription drugs. Other forms of support may include vouchers and discounts. This service is for those who have some form of insurance coverage but are unable to pay their co-payments.

The program is only available to certain people, but those who are eligible can get help getting prescription medication once per year. This means that if you need regular medication and meet the qualifications, you can get help from the drug company itself. The staff at community action can help you with your applications, researching medications, and sending them to the companies.

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The Lima-Allen Council on Community Affairs Child Development Services consist of Head Start and Early Head Start programs. The Head Start program provides low-income children with comprehensive educational, nutritional, physical, dental and emotional child development programming. The program is federally funded and is available to children in Allen County, Indiana.

Early Head Start is a government program that provides free classes and enhanced services to low-income families with children from birth to three years old. The program partners with two area child care centers to provide these services. Both Head Start and Early Head Start offer children opportunities to grow every day, with the goal of preparing them to be successful when they enter school. The non-profit will provide families and parents in need with referrals to supportive services in the community.

Rise-Up offers job placement to help people find work. This program helps people on welfare transition to jobs that pay enough to support themselves. This is done by giving clients the skills they need to get a job and be independent.

Detroit Ave., Lima, Ohio, 45801 The Lima/Allen Council on Community Affairs is a non-profit organization located in Lima, Ohio. The organization provides resources and services to local residents and businesses. The Council also advocates for community interests at the local, state, and national level.

This is the address of Lima, Ohio. Please call 419-227-2586.

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