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Locate Massachusetts prescription drug assistance programs and plans.

Massachusetts Senior and Disabled Assistance

There are a variety of prescription drug insurance plans and assistance programs available for lower income families and others in Massachusetts. This means that even if you are a senior citizen, you may still be eligible for some state programs even if you do not have a low income. There may be some income limits or other guidelines in place for applicants who are disabled or come from low-income families.

For seniors and the disabled, Massachusetts will help pay deductibles, coverage gap payments, and copayments as part of a resource known as Prescription Advantage. The amount paid out to clients is based on how much money they make, with 6 different income levels. Every person taking part in this study must currently be receiving benefits from Medicare, the US government health insurance program for seniors. If you are eligible, the state of Massachusetts will help cover the costs of your Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan. This insurance will help pay for some of the costs that aren’t covered by Medicare. It can help lower your out-of-pocket costs.


The state government offers a free and confidential service called MassMedLine to all residents of Massachusetts. This website gives detailed information on prescription drugs, how to get assistance with paying for medications, and other related topics. If you live in Massachusetts, you can get free help and advice from case managers and pharmacists. I need help with my pharmacy and other drug related questions. There are also other programs that can help with the costs of medications and drug bills. For more information, call the MassMedLine at 1-866-633-1617.

Prescription Drug Discount Card

This NACO discount card is accepted in multiple counties throughout Massachusetts. The discount card is a way to help people pay for their drugs, regardless of whether or not they have insurance. The card does not have any fees associated with signing up or using it. Pharmacies accept GoodRx and it provides savings of almost 25% off the retail price of prescription drug medications.

The Massachusetts AIDs and HIV Drug Assistance Program

If you don’t have health insurance or make very little money, you may be able to get FDA-approved medications for free or at a low cost. The assistance is only available for patients who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and are currently being treated with FDA-approved drugs. For more information about this service, please call 800-228-2714.

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Services (MCPHS)

This pharmacy outreach program provides a variety of services and resources to residents. The state will offer advice on where to find prescription drug plans, medication counseling, and will direct consumers to other places where they can get help with prescription drugs. If you need help paying for health care, you can talk to a case manager. They can give you information about programs that can help you pay for health care.

Many Massachusetts families cannot pay for the cost of their medications. If you are in this category, the MCPHS Pharmacy Outreach program will help you. They will try to find private agency programs or other drug company programs that can help you financially. This can often save consumers a lot of money.

The staff will also look at your financial situation. Some people may be able to get free or reduced-cost medications from state or federal government programs, without knowing it. Many different private plans will be looked into. The MCPHS Pharmacy Outreach Program cannot give people money or prescription drugs to help them pay for their prescription drugs. You can speak to a counselor by calling 617-732-2759.

Other state assistance programs in Massachusetts can be found by contacting the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services. This could mean that you want the person to give you more information, or it could mean that you want the person to do something for you.

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