Assistance Program

Lonoke County assistance programs.

Arkansas Human Development Corporation

This state-run and funded government agency offers a variety of services, including _____. The government agency may be able to provides cash grants and financial assistance for utility bills, cooling and electric expenses, and funds for paying rent for season and migrant workers. There is only a certain amount of aid available, and it is given out depending on each individual situation. Please call (501) 676-2721.

Community action agency of Lonoke Arkansas

(CADC) is the Community Action Agency (CAA) for eight counties in Central Arkansas The non-profit Central Arkansas Development Council, Inc. (CADC) is the organization responsible for eight counties in Central Arkansas. This organization provides the most help and assistance out of any other organization like it.

The agency can help with utility bills through the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This government funded program provides families and individuals with short-term help with their fuel and energy bills. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps people with low incomes pay their energy bills. People who receive aid from LIHEAP are also connected to family development resources and government programs, which provide long-term resources to help families become self-reliant.

CADC’s Family Development Program offers a program known as Assurance 16, which provides a financial incentive to persons completing economic literacy workshops, such as debt reduction and budgeting. In addition to providing emergency food and shelter, FEMA also provides funds to assist eligible households with paying utility bills and rent. can find employment opportunities and access services that will assist them in their job search.

The unemployed can look for jobs in their local communities, including Lonoke, and the program can help them get assistance by trained individuals who connect them to jobs using the Arkansas JobLink (AJL) system. The AJL system allows people looking for jobs to search for available positions, submit their resumes, and sign up with Arkansas’ State Employment Service so they can be considered for jobs they may be qualified for.

The weatherization assistance program helps make homes more energy efficient and safe. It can also help people save money on their utility and energy bills. The weatherization program helps reduce energy costs and consumption by making improvements to the home that increase its energy efficiency. These improvements can include adding insulation, sealing air leaks, and upgrading heating and cooling systems. There are a number of ways to reduce energy consumption and utility bills in the home, such as weather-stripping doors and windows, attic and wall insulation, caulking and sealing cracks and holes, furnace retrofitting, and storm window installation.

The agency works to give food to those who are struggling to get it themselves. This includes canned and packaged foods.

You can get help from a professional staff member at CADC if you need benefits like medical assistance, food stamps, or help with government programs like health insurance or child care subsidy grants.

Give the Central Arkansas Development Council, Inc. a call. This is the phone number for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Brownsville Baptist Church

This place gives food to families who don’t have a lot of money. Call the number (501) 676-2460

Additional financial aid in Lonoke County

The Salvation Army of Lonoke is committed to helping people who are not as lucky as others. The non-profit charity organization offers assistance in a number of different forms through case managers, social workers, and volunteers. This can include finding government resources that may help with the situation. The Salvation Army can also help with expenses like rent and electricity.

A few other organizations focus on distributing free groceries, food, and other necessities like clothing. The organization provides low-income families with emergency financial assistance programs and other services. The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that provides religious and humanitarian aid. They have a branch in the Little Rock region that provides assistance to those in need.

CADC provides support in the area. This is a community action agency in the Lonoke area that works with the poor, unemployed, and seniors. If you need information about or referrals to resources like the USDA Commodity Food program, rent help from the Emergency Food and Shelter program, free tax preparation, and LIHEAP utility bill assistance, contact them. This agency also provides other social services. If you’re in need of emergency help, Central Arkansas Community Development Community Action can assist you.

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