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Los Angeles water bill assistance.

Payment Extensions, Discount Programs, and Payment Plans are all ways that you can get help with paying your water and sewer bills in Los Angeles. Families that are struggling financially may be eligible for assistance from one or more government programs. LADWP provides a variety of services and resources to help low-income customers pay their water and sewer bills and prevent a shut-off of their service. The programs listed below can provide you with information and assistance.

If you are struggling to pay your water bill, you can request a payment extension to avoid having your service interrupted. This is for customers who cannot pay their bills on time. It is important to contact LADWP before the water or sewer bill becomes past due. The utility provider will work with customers to set up an extension if it is possible.

If you pay at least half of your water bill at one of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Customer Service Centers, you can get an extension. If the individual makes this partial payment, they will be given more time. They will have extra time to pay their bills. All help is given under certain conditions that the applicant must meet.

You can get a discount of 30-40% on your residential water bill if you qualify for the Low Income Discount Program. low income customers of LADWP who meet qualifying household income levels can apply for a discount The lower rate will make sewer and water services cheaper for your main home or apartment.

This means that you need to take into account the incomes of everyone who lives in the house, no matter their age, culture or job. Los Angeles families that qualify for the Low Income Discount Program will have their Sewer Service Charge (SSC) reduced by 31% of the first 18 hcf of a 2-month DWP bill or 31% of the first 9 hcf of a 1-month bill. Families that qualify for the program and have a 2-month bill will have their SSC reduced by 31% of the first 18 hcf, and families with a 1-month bill will have their SSC reduced by 31% of the first 9 hcf.

The Lifeline Discount Program provides additional discounts for seniors and disabled people. This program provides discounts on water and sewer bills to income-qualified customers who are at least 62 years old. Individuals who are permanently disabled and can offer evidence of their disability may be eligible for a reduced rate on their utility bill.

Customers that are eligible for the Lifeline program may have their Solid Resources Fee (SRF) reduced by around 30%. The participants will need to recertify for the reduction every two years to see if the discounted rate should continue.

Customers who are having difficulty paying their LADWP water or sewer expense can arrange to pay in installments or make partial payments. These individuals may agree to make payments on their account over a set period of time. If you are struggling to pay your water bill one month, call the company to see if you can set up a payment plan.

If someone in your household has a condition that causes paralysis or muscle weakness, you may be able to get help paying for medical expenses. This resource provides discounts on water costs for households. A state-licensed physician in California will need to verify that a full-time member of the household is being treated for a life-threatening illness.

Other forms of financial assistance may be available as well. If someone in your household has a weakened immune system and is struggling to pay their water bill, additional discounts or assistance may be available to help prevent their service from being shut off.

The Life-Support Device Discount also offers additional discounts on water and sewer bills. LADWP customers who can provide proof that an immediate member of their household requires an essential life-support device for their health and safety will receive lower rates. Before a request or case is accepted, it must be looked over by the medical director.

How to get water bill help in LA

If you need help paying for your water or power bill, you can call the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power at 1-800-342-5397. They have programs that can help you pay your bill, or give you a discount on your bill.

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