Macomb County rent assistance.

Where can I find resources for rental assistance in Macomb County, Michigan? Community organizations can help low-income people with housing costs and other emergencies. This can include making rent payments.

There are a number of services that can help people who are in danger of becoming homeless to keep their homes or apartments. These services can include financial assistance, counseling, and other support. There are many agencies and organizations in Macomb County Michigan that can help people with paying their rent and other critical housing expenses. There could be money available to help pay for a security deposit or other moving expenses.

There are a number of programs designed to help people with housing, such as section 8 housing vouchers, homeless prevention and rapid rehousing. These programs provide financial assistance to help people with housing costs. Case managers work with low income residents of the county to help them find housing options that fit their needs. The goal is to help these residents find affordable, safe housing that meets their unique needs. There are many programs that can help people with rental assistance, including programs from the federal government and Michigan.

Macomb County Community Action Centers

A variety of programs, services, and resources are available to those who are low income, unemployed, or in poverty. The assistance provided includes helping with emergency rent and housing, providing information and referrals on Michigan and federal government assistance programs, low income housing information, and section 8 vouchers. Other services that may be provided are things like food, utilities, and other forms of assistance.

The North Action Center is a office that helps individuals in need in the following towns and cities. The following areas are under a winter weather advisory: Armada, Bruce Township, Chesterfield Township (north of 23 Mile Road), Lenox, Macomb Township (north of 23 Mile Road), Memphis, New Baltimore (north of 23 Mile Road), New Haven, Ray, Richmond, Romeo, Shelby Township (north of 23 Mile Road), or Washington Township. This means that there is a potential for winter weather conditions that could significantly impact travel. The address is 58144 Gratiot, New Haven, MI 48048. This is a phone number.

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This location supports residents of the following Michigan townships: Chesterfield (south of 23 Mile Road), Clinton, Fraser, Harrison (south of 23 Mile Road), Macomb (south of 23 Mile Road), Mount Clemens, New Baltimore (south of 23 Mile Road), Shelby (south of 23 Mile Road), St. Clair Shores, Sterling Heights, or Utica. The address is 16 Market Street, Mount Clemens, MI 48043 and the phone number is 586-469-6964.

If you live in Roseville, Center Line, Eastpointe, or Warren Michigan, the South Community Action Center can help you, including with referrals to loans for paying back rent. The address is 22856 Ryan Road in Warren, Michigan. The phone number is 586-759-9150.

Carlas Champions is a charity organization. It can help with money problems for people in the community. Priority should be given to those who are vulnerable, such as senior citizens or single parents who are working. Please contact the Warren Michigan Agency.

The Michigan Department of Human Services provides services to both Macomb County Michigan and the whole state. There are programs to help with rent and mortgages if you are in a difficult situation. The non-profit also has lists of low income housing options for senior citizens, assisted living, nursing homes, retirement communities, and respite care.

The lists can help people find affordable homes or apartments to live in. If you’re approved for assistance, Macomb DHS may help you pay for a portion of your rental or utility deposit. The three main offices for Macomb County are located in Sterling Heights, Mount Clemens, and Warren.

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The Macomb Department of Planning & Economic Development is in charge of the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. It can help with security deposits, first month’s rent, and up to 18 months of ongoing monthly rent expenses. Call (586) 469-6451

The MCCSA provides a list of affordable housing options and offers programs and advice to landlords and tenants on how to navigate renting agreements. If you need help, you can call any of the following locations. If you need to reach Warren, you can call him at 586-759-9150. If you’re in New Haven, you can reach him at 586-749-5146. If you’re in Mount Clemens, you can reach him at 586-469-6964.

Call 586-469-6313 for Macomb County Senior Citizen Services. The agency offers housing vouchers to help very low-income people, including those with disabilities, afford safe and decent housing.

The Community Housing Network provides housing for people who are transitioning between homes, pregnant women, and low-income families. If you are in need of housing assistance or rent assistance, contacting your local community center is a great place to start. Community centers often have information on resources and programs available to help those in need. The network can provide information on no-interest loans, and security deposits can also be covered. The number to dial for customer service is 866-282-3119.

Macomb Legal Aid can help tenants who are facing eviction by giving them free advice. Lawyers can help people who are having disputes with their landlords, such as over unpaid rent or deposits, or unsafe housing. The phone number for more information is (313) 967-5555.

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Samaritan House is a charity that helps people in a limited area. They can be reached at 586-336-9956. The towns of Washington, Ray, and Macomb are supported by the nearby regions. The community may raise money to help with back rent and other housing costs.

ESG is a type of investment that focuses on environmental, social, and governance factors. These investments are typically run by non-profit organizations. The government occasionally provides funding for rental costs and energy bills to prevent evictions. This means that the first people to ask for help will get it, and there is only a certain amount of money available. There are other resources available to help people in need, such as transitional housing, grants for first month’s rent, and support for families who are now stable. The phone number for referrals is 1-800-552-1183.

Macomb County Community Mental Health (PATH) is a non-profit organization that provides supportive services and first month’s rent/security deposit assistance for the homeless and very low income individuals in the community. To reach customer service, please dial 586-469-6152.

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