Make and sell arts and crafts for cash on these marketplaces.

You can make money by selling things you make at home on the internet. There are many things that can be made at home to earn extra money, such as arts and crafts, painting, and making gift cards. Etsy Artfire Folksy Zibbet Creative Market

In addition to well-known websites like Ebay, Amazon, and Craigslist, there are many other options for selling arts and crafts online. In addition to creating and managing websites, they also allow for the creation of online storefronts. The list below contains links to marketplaces that specialize in arts, crafts, jewelry, soap, and home goods. to be sold, is a great way to make money This is a great way to make money by selling small, handmade items like paintings and crafts. This activity can be enjoyed by people of all levels of experience. Working from home can be a great way to earn extra income, especially for stay at home moms or retirees who are starting a second career. There are many ways to work from home, so there is sure to be an option that fits your needs.

Another thing to keep in mind when using an arts and crafts website is that it can be a primary source of income, but it doesn’t have to be. Some people enjoy painting as a hobby from the comfort of their own homes. They might make creative toys for kids, sculptures, soap, and other handcrafted items as a side business or even hobby. The sites below allow you to make money from your skills.

Marketplaces that focus on arts and crafts

If you are good at making arts and crafts, you can get paid to do what you love. Starting a business from home can be a cost-effective way to become your own boss. There are many online platforms where you can sell your art and handmade products. Some popular ones are Etsy, eBay, and Amazon Handmade. You can also find many local markets and fairs that sell handmade goods.

Etsy is a website where people can buy and sell handmade or vintage items, as well as art and craft supplies. Etsy provides creative entrepreneurs with low fees, education and powerful tools to grow their business. It costs 20 cents to list an item for sale on Etsy. Creative goods including handmade clothing, jewelry, crafts, soaps, and vintage items can be sold on Etsy.

Etsy is the most popular website for people who make their own crafts and sell them independently. There is a 20 cent fee for adding a new item to your store, but you can add as many items as you want with no additional cost. The only other fee that most users have to pay is a 3.5% fee on each total sale.

Etsy has its own payment system that is different from PayPal. This system is popular with people who do not want to use PayPal. Etsy offers a paid service called “Pattern” that allows users to create a stand-alone store with a custom URL for $15 a month. is a marketplace and community for artists and art enthusiasts. It connects buyers and sellers, and provides a platform for artists to showcase and sell their work. Artfire was founded by artists as a way to showcase and celebrate the unique creativity of individual artisans. The marketplace is a global community of artists and crafters. This site provides an opportunity for people to make money by selling creative items from their home.

It is a marketplace for artists to sell their creations. You can choose to sell products that you have made by hand, art, paintings, vintage items, and other things that you have designed. Artfire is an online marketplace that allows users to create their own personalized shop for a monthly fee. Users can list up to 250 items for sale and set their own prices. The fee for each listing is 23 cents.

Artfire is a website like Etsy where people can sell handmade or vintage items. This site has a monthly subscription fee that members must pay in order to remain active on the site. The cheapest option is $5 per month, but this also includes a 23 cent fee for each new item type you add, as well as a 9% final value fee. The next level of subscription is $20 per month, which removes listing fees and reduces the final value fee to 3%. This level also provides access to additional tools and features.

Stornevy’s “marketplace” charges more than other platforms–a 10% final value fee on sales, in addition to any payment fees from PayPal and Stripe. No monthly payment is necessary to use all of the website’s features and tools. The marketplace is just an advertising option that you can choose to not use if you are already getting traffic to your store from another source. your own website, you will likely get fewer sales. If you don’t sell your products on their marketplace and only have your own website, you will probably get fewer sales.

Zibbet is a website that connects independent artists, vintage collectors, and crafters from all over the world. Artists, crafters, and vintage collectors can join to gain exposure to millions of people across the globe, while earning cash for their work.

Zibbet gives users the ability to create their own custom website and store, while also having access to the marketplace. This means that your website will be integrated with a powerful inventory system.

Zibbet has three different plans for sellers. The basic plan is $4 per month, and you can sell up to 50 items, with four images per item for that fee. The Pro plan is $8 per month and allows users to sell unlimited items, as well as use coupons and discount features. The unlimited Zibbet plan is $16 per month, which gives you access to advanced stats, premium themes, and the option to remove Zibbet branding from your site. Custom domains are available with all Zibbet plans, and there are no listing or transaction fees. The plans also support multiple currencies in over 130 countries, and your items can be sold around the world.

Zibbet is a site similar to Etsy but with less restrictions on the types of products that can be listed. The fee structure is the other big difference between the two schools. Zibbet charges a monthly subscription fee rather than a per-transaction fee. You can register for 10 items for free, but you will have to pay for a subscription for anything after that. There is no limit to the number of listings you can have for $10 per month.

The site does not have any transaction fees, however you will be using either PayPal or Stripe as your credit card payment method which may have additional fees. is a marketplace that specializes in selling handmade jewelry, home decor, artwork, and other unique hand-crafted items. The registration fee is $25 and there are three subscription plans. The starter plan is $5, the professional plan is $10, and the elite plan is $15 per month.

A marketplace that focuses on quality American-handmade products. Artists can sell a variety of items, including clothing, paper goods, kids and baby items, home and furnishing goods, arts, and handicrafts products, jewelry, and accessories. It is free to list your products and set up a custom shop on aftcra. If your product is sold, there is a 7% transaction fee.

At, you can create a free gallery of your artwork and earn 95-100% of the sale price whenever one of your items is sold. There are no membership fees required. Many things can be considered art and sold as such. You will be paid immediately for your work and the money will be transferred to you without any effort from you.

You can sell your original artwork or use a print-on-demand service. ArtPal provides a hassle-free experience by taking care of all the printing and shipping for you, at no cost. You can sell paintings, photography, prints, handmade jewelry, crafts, and more. Every time one of your items is sold on ArtPal, you will earn 95% of the sale while ArtPal takes a 5% commission. There is no membership fee associated with using ArtPal.

The two biggest online marketplaces for arts and crafts are Etsy and eBay. Creative people can use websites like Ebay, Shopify, Amazon, and Craiglist to sell their products. However, there are also other websites that specialize in selling products from specific fields. Many people use online platforms to sell items and make some extra money. These platforms are often geared towards people who are creative, but anyone can use them to make some extra cash.

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