Assistance Program

Marion County Missouri assistance programs.

How to get help with bills

The Douglass Community Services agency in Hannibal provides assistance to people with their bills through various programs.

This allows low to moderate income residents to remain in their homes. The program offers a variety of options for assistance, and provides resources for weatherization and energy efficiency improvements. There are various grants and government funds available at different times during the year for families who are facing eviction or foreclosure, and even for those who need help with paying for home repairs. There are some conditions that need to be met in order to participate.

The applicant needs to live in Marion or Ralls County.

The family has to make enough money and fill out a long form.

Assistance is limited to one time per client within a year.

If you need help beyond what we can provide, we will give you referrals to other agencies, non-profits, and charities. Learn about the different heating and utility programs available in Missouri.

There is an emergency food pantry where families can go to get food if they need it. People in need are only given food and related aid once every three months, unless there are special circumstances that require more help.

This is a program where children can get a free lunch during the summer. The lunches will be served at the Hannibal Housing Authority Community Room or the Willow Street Christian Church.

The Douglass Clothing Store offers deeply discounted clothes and other supplies. The price for most items is $0.25. Other than clothes, you can also buy discounted household items such as dishes, linens, and small appliances. These items may not be available all the time, and when they are available, they may be low in price.

The Douglass Community Services non-profit agency is situated on Grand Avenue in Hannibal MO. To reach customer service, please call (573) 221-6944.

Emergency assistance, food, and medical care in Marion

North East Community Action Corporation – Marion County Service Center is a well-known non profit organization in the area. This organization provides assistance with paying seasonal heating and cooling bills. The Salvation Army also provides other resources such as section 8 housing applications, job search/placement services, and homeless prevention. This non-profit in Marion County can help you apply for LIHEAP and/or weatherization assistance. The aim is to provide skills or get people a job, with services such as GED testing and skills development available. The address for the place is 3518 Pallmyra Road, Hannibal, Missouri 63401 and the phone number is (573) 221-2764.

The Faith Miracle Ministry provides free food and groceries to people who are in need in the Hannibal and Palmyra area. Those who are struggling can get help. There may be special holiday meals offered. The telephone number is 573-248-6165.

Hannibal Clinic Health Services provides a variety of low cost or free health care services and programs to Marion County residents. The center can also coordinate HPV vaccinations for females who are 9-26 years old. If you need help, please call (573) 231-3155 for intake.

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