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Marshall, Desoto and Tate County Salvation Army assistance programs.

If you are facing a difficult situation, try reaching out to the Salvation Army. The agency provides assistance programs in Desoto, Tate, and Marshall County. The food bank and limited financial assistance are available to people in need. There are other organizations that can help clients find jobs and get enrolled in other case management programs. There are a variety of services available for those in need in Marshall County, Desoto County and Tate County. These services include free school supplies and backpacks, homeless shelters and Christmas gift programs.

Free basic needs and vouchers from the Salvation Army

A food pantry is a place where people can get food for free or at a reduced price. There is a process that clients need to follow in order to be accepted, and they need to meet certain standards. This program will only provide groceries and food once every three months to people who meet other qualifications. You may need to take budgeting classes from the Salvation Army before you can get more financial or food assistance from them.

Assistance may be offered for holidays, back to school, and Christmas. The Angel Tree program is a resource that provides gifts for children during the holiday season. This will help spread the joy of the Christmas spirit to children from low income families and seniors. The people of Desoto can choose a present for someone in need from the Angel Tree. This list will contain the name of a child or senior citizen who needs or wants something for the holidays.

The individual will buy the gift, clothing, or toy for the person and the Salvation Army will give it to them. When choosing an Angel Family to adopt, you can be as specific or as general as you want about what kind of family you are looking for. This Christmas program provided toys, food, and clothing to many needy people.

Donations are always appreciated. The Salvation Army gladly accepts donations of toys, gifts, clothing, and money. They also help low income families by giving away free back to school supplies. The Salvation Army is available to students in Tate, Desoto, and Marshall County. The donations of toys, school items, clothes, notebooks, and chromebooks will go to children who were not adopted as part of the Angel Tree program.

Thanksgiving meals are available for those who are hungry and don’t have a home. The Salvation Army Thanksgiving Meals are open to everyone, and they are delicious!

Financial help, food, and expense assistance in Tate, Desoto, and Marshall County

The Salvation Army has shelters for families in Tate County and other nearby areas. The centers are just one part of the many different types of housing assistance that may be available. This can include helping with emergency rental costs, food, shelter, and clothing for clients who stay there. The housing programs may be beneficial for single parents, men, women, and families with children.

Financial aid may be offered in order to help with emergency situations and provide transitional shelter. This is an option for those who have been forced to leave their homes and have nowhere to live. The center provides people with life skills, literacy training, job placement and treatment for substance abuse. The staff ensures a safe, supportive environment for families/individuals who are facing difficulties. To find homeless prevention programs in Mississippi, you can search online or contact your local government.

The Salvation Army also provides medical care and health/nutrition services to low-income people in the area who do not have health insurance. too many families in counties including Marshall and others lack both health and dental insurance Many people have difficulty paying for medical care, but there are resources available to help. The Salvation Army can provide information on free community clinics and government assistance programs like Medicaid. Looking for free community clinics in Mississippi? Learn more and find clinics near you.

Soup kitchens can be found in different areas. We will be cooking and serving food several days out of the week. Poor people who are starving know that they can go to certain kitchens to get a free, hot, and nutritious meal. Some people groups that can be fed are senior citizens and children. The Salvation Army will also deliver meals to people who cannot leave their homes.

The Marshall and DeSoto Social Service department can help those who need clothes, food, and help with their rent and utility bills. While it’s not as common, people can get help with buying bus tickets and prescriptions for life-saving medication. Case workers can provide people with help and advice on managing their money and finances.

Senior citizen programs are designed to be coordinated. They work with other organizations throughout the state to provide seniors and their spouses with healthy meals. The centers will also generally offer assistance with paying bills and recreational activities.

The Salvation Army provides various services to the elderly such as food, medical needs, counseling, and visitors. This means that things like Medicare for seniors, free medical equipment (wheelchairs, walkers), information on insulin, cancer care, and more are all included.

There are resources available for veterans in Mississippi. If you are in need, you should know that there are organizations and people who will support you. This support can include providing you with basic necessities like clothing and health check ups. Veterans can go to a special hot meal program and can also sign up for food stamps and other government benefits that are available for military members.

Contact information for Salvation Army social services and thrift store

The store is located at 1621 Goodman Rd W, Horn Lake, Mississippi 38637. The phone number is (662) 393-3633. The Memphis metro area includes the entire region, including the counties of Tate, Desoto, Marshall, and others. In addition to this location, there are others that are also available.

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