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McAllen area Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army may be able to help families in Hidalgo County if they meet certain qualifications. Many people are struggling to find a job or dealing with unexpected emergencies. Non-profits may be able to offer some short-term support. The main center is located at 1600 North 23rd Street in McAllen, Texas. The phone number is (956) 682-1468. There are several types of assistance that can be provided, including help with basic needs, housing, education, and employment.

There is a supply of lightly-worn clothes that people in need can take advantage of. Some people may feel that they need to wear uniforms or more formal clothing for work or school. Vouchers can be used to buy clothes at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in McAllen, Texas. To get a voucher, you must first donate clothes to the Salvation Army. Once you have donated clothes, you will be given a voucher that can be used to buy clothes at the Thrift Store. A related service known as Tim’s Coats can provide winter coats to anyone in need of warmth, especially seniors and children. This is a great service for those who cannot afford a coat or those who may have lost their coat.

Some centers have hygiene items available. This means providing things like toiletries, diapers/wipes, toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, and body soap.

A food pantry can help people on a one-time basis only. It only helps people who live in the McAllen area. If you are not in the Hidalgo County region, you will be directed to a food pantry in your area for non-emergencies. This means that there is someone available to help you even when the office is closed.

In addition to food pantries, there are also soup kitchens. The Hidalgo County Food Bank provides meals to low-income, homeless, and needy residents. It can serve lunch and dinner. If you’re staying at the Salvation Army emergency shelter, you can also get breakfast. These holiday meals may be served for free as well.

Furniture donations are given to people in the community who need them in an emergency situation, depending on what is available. This means that people who have been the victim of a house fire are eligible for assistance. They will need to provide, among other things, verification of a new address and a fire report. To request furniture from this organization, you must have a referral letter from a professional (such as a Case Manager, Social Worker, Case Worker, Nurse, etc.) that states they have visited your home and that you need specific items.

If you are in an emergency situation or crisis, McAllen Canteen and Emergency Disaster Services can help you. The Salvation Army will provide a mobile feeding unit, emergency shelter, and soup kitchen.

This means that if you need help paying your rent or mortgage, you may be able to get it from the government, depending on what kind of assistance is available and whether you qualify. The Salvation Army provides assistance with housing, rent and/or mortgage payments to Hidalgo County residents who are facing foreclosure or eviction.

Utilities are also offered. Requirements for grants vary depending on the source of funding. Some grants may have requirements that must be met in order to receive funding, while others may not have any requirements. It is important to check with the source of funding to see if there are any requirements that must be met in order to receive funding. If you’re struggling to pay your utility bills, you may be eligible for financial assistance. To apply, you’ll need to provide a disconnection notice from your utility company.

The bus company offers tickets to people who need to travel in the McAllen, Texas area. The Salvation Army will provide transportation if people need a ride to Job/Training/Employment, Support Services, and other Medical Services/Doctor Appointments.

The Beat Heat program provides summer cooling assistance. The program provides relief and assistance to people who need help coping with the summer heat in Texas. The cooling program was designed to provide air conditioning units for people with medical conditions, 20” boxed fans, and even very limited bill pay assistance.

The Salvation Army oversees AngelTree in Hidalgo County. The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program provides holiday gifts to seniors and children in need. This website provides an opportunity for people to donate personalized gifts to children and senior citizens in need. Volunteers and donors will adopt an “angel” and purchase gifts for that individual. Both businesses and individuals can join the program and help contribute to it.

How to apply for financial help from Salvation Army in Hidalgo County

There are many programs that offer help, such as case management and other types of assistance. The main center for the McAllen, Texas area is located at 1600 North 23rd Street. The center can be contacted by phone at (956) 682-1468.

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