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Memphis and Shelby County free healthcare clinics.

There are many places in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee where families and individuals can get free or low-cost medical and dental care. There are a few clinics in Memphis that offer medical assistance and care. The information on the programs and services offered by these clinics, as well as their contact information, can be found below. Some programs and care may be provided at no cost.

There are clinics and outpatient facilities in Memphis that are certified by the government and controlled by the community. These facilities are nonprofit and based on consumer needs. Programs at these centers include physical examinations, immunizations, medical and dental care, case management services, and counseling. They are designed to help low-income, uninsured people in the region. Some eye doctors offer free eye exams. Patients with low incomes in Shelby County can also look into programs that will help them pay for insulin.

The health care centers in Shelby County, Tennessee, prioritize their limited resources and financial support for low-income people in the community, people who are homeless or uninsured/underinsured, or other medically underserved populations in Memphis and the surrounding areas. The rising cost of medical bills can make a clinic a more attractive option.

Christ Community Health Services – Broad Ave Dental Clinic is a dental clinic located at 2953 Broad Ave in Memphis, Tennessee. The clinic’s phone number is 324-0093.

Christ Community Health Services – Third Street Dental Clinic is a free community clinic that only offers dental care to the needs in the region. The clinic is located at 3362 S Third Memphis, Tennessee 38109. For more information, you can call (901) 271-6271. On-site dental professionals include dentists, hygienists, and other related professionals. Make an appointment.

To make an appointment, please call (901) 271-6100.

The Bisson Health Loop – Whitehaven – Primary Care Clinic is located at 602 W Mitchell Rd, Memphis, TN 38109. You can call (901) 515-5100 to make an appointment or to get more information about the programs offered at this clinic.

The Cawthon Center is a public health clinic that provides primary care services. It is located at 1000 Haynes St. in Memphis, Tennessee. The main phone number for the clinic is (901) 544-6939.

The Frayser Health Loop is a primary care clinic in Memphis, Tennessee. The clinic is located at 2574 Frayser Blvd. and can be reached at (901) 515-5300.

The Memphis Union Mission provides free or low cost medical help to the uninsured, low income, and adults as well as children. The main address is 383 Poplar Ave., Memphis, TN 38105 and the sliding fee clinic number is (901) 526-8434. The services that are provided are x-rays, eye exams, vision, obstetrics, specialty referral, diabetic services, and more.

The Orange Mound Health Center is a medical facility located at 2569 Douglass Ave. in Memphis, TN. The center provides various health services to the community and can be reached at (901) 701-2550.

The Frayser Health Center in Memphis, Tennessee is a community clinic that provides medical care and services to patients. The clinic is located at 969 Frayser Blvd and the phone number is (901) 701-2540.

The University Health Center is a faith-based clinic located at 5366 Menden Hall Mall in Memphis, TN 38115. They can be reached at (901) 701-2560. They provide medical care to those who are poor, cannot afford it, or do not have access to it. The Shelby County Health Department provides vaccinations, STD testing, cancer screenings, and other health services to county residents.

The Guthrie Health Loop – North Memphis – Primary Care Clinic is a community clinic that provides medical care to patients. The clinic is located at 1064 Breedlove St. in Memphis, TN 38107. The clinic’s telephone number is (901) 515-5400.

Hollywood Health Loop is a primary care clinic that offers family care. This includes making sure you are up to date on your shots, taking your medicine as prescribed, and seeing a specialist if your doctor thinks it is necessary.

The South Third St. Health Loop is a primary care clinic in Memphis, TN. The clinic’s phone number is (901) 515-5800.

The Muslim Health Clinic is located at 1055 Stratford Rd, Memphis, Tennessee 38128. The clinic can be reached by calling (901) 685-3901.

The Memphis Health Center – Towne Center Clinic is a medical facility located at 915 E McLemore #107 in Memphis, TN. The phone number for the clinic is (901) 672-8390. To find out how this free/low cost clinic can help you and your family, dial the number provided.

The Memphis Health Center is a women’s health care center that specializes in helping women and their children.

The Church Health Center is a facility that offers low cost or free dental and health care. The center is located at 1196 Peabody Ave in Memphis, TN and can be reached by calling (901) 272-0003. There are medical professionals available on site. They help people who are struggling financially. Some people who have low incomes can get free medical care, which may include a free dental exam, a general health check-up, or a physical.

There is another Church Health Center that offers basic medical care located at 1115 Union Ave in Memphis, Tennessee. The center’s phone number is (901) 259-4673. Although they may not be able to provide direct assistance, they are a great resource for information on government health and financial assistance programs, both Tennessee programs as well as federal government options.

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