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Memphis area Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Most of the programs in Memphis, Tennessee focus on non-financial needs such as food and housing. Catholic Charities in Shelby County can help people with things like food, clothes, holiday assistance, and services for immigrants. The government doesn’t give any other type of financial aid for rent or mortgage expenses. There are only two programs for housing assistance and the government does not give any other type of financial aid for rent or mortgage expenses. There are programs to help veterans who are either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The Genesis Homeless Services can help with housing if the veteran meets certain qualifications. No other money will be given.

Basic needs from Catholic Charities in Shelby County

St. Peter Ministries can help low income families in a crisis. Some programs may offer free food and secondhand clothing to those in need. In order to apply for this program, the client needs a referral from MIFA, which is located at 910 Vance Ave. The Clothing Closet is open Monday thru Thursday from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., and open a half day Friday. The center is always looking for new donations of items, and gently used clothing can be obtained.

There is a food pantry at the Catholic Charity St. Peter Ministries. The center is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to noon. Both clients who are referred to the program and walk-in clients are provided with bags of non-perishable food items, groceries, or other fresh food and perishable commodities.

The Memphis food pantry offers bags of one day’s worth of nutritious meals to the most vulnerable homeless clients in the Shelby County Tennessee community. The Clothes Closet and Food Pantry rely on the kindness of volunteers to keep the shelves stocked and the doors open. The people who work there are passionate about helping those in need, especially seniors.

The Memphis Catholic Charities are always thankful for donations. They always need donations of gently worn clothing and/or non-perishable foods. These donations are tax deductible. If you have a lot of items to donate, they will come and pick them up. The pick-up number is (901) 722-4797.

This program feeds hungry people who are in need of clothing. Another program that is available is the Mobile Food and Clothes Pantry. This program helps those who are in need of food and clothing. This resource may be able to bring assistance and support to the most vulnerable populations of Memphis and the entire Western Tennessee region in the form of clothing, nourishment, and other resources. The agency partners with local businesses and non-profits, such as the Mid-South Food Bank, schools, multi-faith church communities, businesses and individuals. The agency will try to bring foods that will go bad quickly (if available) as well as nonperishable foods, along with new or gently used work or school clothing, to the parts of the community that are far away.

Fig Tree is a program in Memphis that helps people with holiday expenses. This program provides children, at-risk youth and seniors with free gifts, presents, and toys during Christmas time. Catholic Charities works closely with parishes, local churches, individuals and businesses to make this happen. The Gifts for God’s Children campaign is an official resource that provides gifts for children in need.

Other services that Catholic Charities offer are Angel Food, Bereavement Ministries, Ministry to the Sick & Elderly, Soup Kitchens, and Beatitude Bags. The services provided are all basic needs type services.

If you need help from a Catholic Charity in Shelby County, they will provide you with referrals to other services that can help you. The organization has been partnering with the Mid South Food Bank for a long time. They also have information on other non-profit agencies and government programs in Memphis Tennessee, including services such as energy assistance, food stamps, rental assistance and government aid.

All of these referrals from Catholic Charity affiliated churches in the Memphis Tennessee region involve working with case workers or other staff, such as volunteers, in order to provide services to those in need. There are a number of resources offered to low income families by the local, state and national government. There are government assistance programs available in Tennessee.

Programs to help immigrants in Memphis region

The Immigrant Services Program can help immigrants with things like finding a place to live and getting a job, as well as getting used to life in Shelby County. Catholic Charities can offer legal referrals and direct services to immigrants and refugees who reside in the state of Tennessee.

Many immigrants need legal advice and their income may qualify them for free tips, information, and support. Catholic Charities can provide information about free legal clinics to help people with their legal needs. There are attorneys that help with getting green cards, identification, work permits and more. There are free lawyers available in Tennessee for those who cannot afford to pay for legal services. These lawyers are typically provided by legal aid organizations and can help with a variety of legal issues.

Phone number for assistance from Catholic Charities in Shelby County

Catholic Charities does not offer money as assistance. This means that most of the support provided by MIFA requires a referral from another agency first. If you need help from the Catholic Charities in western Tennessee, you can call them at (901) 722-4700, or go to their office at 1325 Jefferson Avenue in Memphis.

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