Assistance Program

Memphis assistance programs.

The services listed below are only available in Memphis. There are many more resources available that cover Shelby County and that Memphis residents can use.

Help with rent and housing

The Tennessee state government has announced that Memphis will receive $3 million from HUD. The money will go towards helping people with their housing, whether it be with rent, security deposits, or utility bills. The goal is to help families who are already homeless to find new housing, and also to help those who are at risk of becoming homeless to find housing before they become homeless. The city of Memphis is receiving funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to help families and individuals who may be facing a sudden financial crisis that could lead to homelessness.

The foreclosure crisis has hit Memphis, Tennessee particularly hard, and these federal government stimulus funds will make a real difference for families who may be facing the prospect of losing their home and possibly even having to live in a shelter – or much worse, living on the streets.

The funds can help with rent for up to 18 months, security deposits, and energy bills. Please call Partners for the Homeless at 901-260-4663.

Help for bills

Jewish Family Services is an organization that helps people, regardless of religion. This organization provides financial assistance, counseling, adoption, family life education, elder support services, and emergency assistance for bills to people in need. Call the company at (901) 767-8511.

Job training and career development

The Memphis Urban League is an organization that helps people find jobs and develop their skills. They have several programs that people can participate in to help them reach their goals. The resources include computer training, which will help people to improve their technical skills and be successful. The Workforce & Economic Development program helps people in Memphis get the skills and training they need for jobs.

The Urban League is a program that helps skilled workers find job opportunities and employers find qualified workers to fill job vacancies.

Non-financial assistance, food, and more in Memphis

If you need food, clothing, or other aid in the Memphis, Tennessee area, you can call Memphis Community Services Agency at (901) 545-4274, the Salvation Army at (901) 543-8586, or the Mid-South Food Bank at (901) 527-0841. In addition to Memphis food banks, there are other ways to get food for those in need.

Other Shelby County programs

This listing focuses on Memphis, but there are many other Shelby County assistance programs.

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