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Mercer County and Trenton Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in Trenton and Mercer County have programs that help people with things like after school care, food, and rent or energy bills. They also have shelters for people who are homeless. These programs are available to everyone, no matter what their age, race, or religion is. They will give them food, water, and shelter. This organization will help those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable, such as the poor, immigrants, youth, elderly, and homeless, by providing them with essentials like food, water, and shelter. Other social services that may be provided are assistance with Christmas toys and Thanksgiving meals.

There is a limited amount of each resource, and they will only be available during specific times. This means that if you are eligible for financial aid or a free box of food, you will get it as long as you are one of the first people to ask for it. The Salvation Army provides emergency support and connects people to other resources in Mercer County. If residents have questions or concerns, they can either call the center on E State St. or the state headquarters. The number for the center is below.

Salvation Army free food, meals, clothes, and seasonal programs in Trenton NJ region

clothes that are either new or used but in good condition are available for families who have low incomes Some people may be given free winter clothing, like hats, gloves, boots, or jackets. Others may be given uniforms for school. The Dress for Success program provides professional clothing for men and women who are seeking employment.

There may be programs to help students with uniforms, school supplies, homework, and after school activities. The Salvation Army provides students with free backpacks, notebooks, tablets, and other items (depending on donations), as well as arranging haircuts and hygiene programs. This service is not available at all locations and may only be offered occasionally in Trenton, New Jersey.

There are four main hunger prevention/feeding programs in the greater Trenton area. One of them is focused on feeding senior citizens, but the others are open to anyone in the community who is struggling. There are also places where people in the community can go to get a free hot meal. The Salvation Army is a part of the regional Mercer County food bank network. This means that groceries, formula, and other food is given out to the needy.

Donations from the community are sent to the Mercer County food bank, where boxes of groceries are distributed. The Salvation Army center will help people with emergency food needs and also help them apply for long term benefits. There may be canned goods and other non-perishable items available for immediate needs. The long term help is mainly achieved using the federal government SNAP food stamp program. This program provides food stamps to low-income families so they can afford groceries.

Other food assistance programs offered by this organization include a mobile food pantry and a congregate meal site. These are for the homeless and anyone looking for a meal on a one off basis. There is a nutrition program for seniors that provides a hot meal and breakfast for them. The Salvation Army in Mercer County partners with meals on wheels groups to provide food for those in need.

Christmas and Thanksgiving are two seasons when hundreds of Trenton area families get help. There may be free Christmas toys for kids, food, holiday groceries baskets, Turkeys at Thanksgiving, clothing, and more available for those in need. Some families in Mercer county may receive gift cards or certificates from parents in Mercer county. There are also meals and visits given to the homebound or the elderly in nursing homes. The Salvation Army and its team of volunteers and staff try to spread happiness during the holidays. Search for “free gift cards” on a search engine or go to a website that offers freebies during the holidays.

Find funds for paying bills and household expenses in Mercer County

The Salvation Army also focuses on helping veterans in Mercer County. They offer free prescription medications and check ups to veterans in partnership with the New Jersey Healthcare System Vet Camp. Operation Red Shield is another program that provides financial assistance for expenses such as utilities, housing, or rent, based on need. The Shield will also take care of other requests, such as helping veterans apply for VA benefits or giving them pastoral counseling.

Homeless Services provide help with money and also places to stay for men and veterans. The client is provided with a roof over their head, as well as basic meals, such as a hot meal, access to a laundry facility, and clothing. This is often arranged by the headquarters of the state.

The shelter is part of a larger program that provides long-term assistance. The clients will also receive help in finding a place to live or applying for programs that will help pay for rent or a security deposit. To help them adjust to their new life in Mercer County, there are free workshops available that teach money management skills. This means that the Salvation Army will provide support to these individuals for several weeks, and will continue to support them even after the initial crisis is over.

The Salvation Army is an organization that helps people who are homeless or have just been released from prison or a hospital. These services help people pay for rent or energy bills, get training for a job, or find a place to live for a while. The goal is to always ensure that everyone has a safe place to live, regardless of their background.

The Salvation Army provides assistance with heating, utility and energy bills during the fall, winter and spring months. Many low-income families in Trenton and throughout Mercer County struggle to pay for heating costs in the winter. This can include oil, electric, propane, and other heating expenses. The NJ SHARES utility and water bill assistance program can help you with your bills.

Phone number and contact number for Salvation Army in Mercer County

To learn more, visit the Salvation Army’s Mercer County Corps at 575 E State St. in Trenton, New Jersey. Call them at (609) 599-9373. There is a thrift store that is open to the public and is low cost.

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