Mercy Housing and Shelter Corporation programs.

The focus of Mercy Housing and Shelter Corporation is providing a place to stay and access to case management. The non-profit helps the homeless and those who have been evicted in the Hartford region. Some programs offered by the county focus on helping veterans, the disabled, single parents, and children.

A day shelter for people in need is located at St. Elizabeth House on Main Street in Hartford. Friendship Center is a homeless shelter that provides resources to homeless people such as food and a place to stay.

The organization not only provides a place to stay, but also offers free meals to clients and families. The organization accepts donations of money from the community and uses that money to purchase groceries for the emergency food pantry. The Mercy Housing and Shelter Corporation will have a clinic on site in partnership with doctors and hospitals.

The center also has free clothing, gives the homeless showers, has diapers for babies, and personal care items. In addition to these services, they also provide children with free school uniforms, backpacks full of supplies, and notebooks. There are also Christmas gifts, toys, meals and presents that are donated by kind-hearted people at the annual holiday party.

The Friendship Center’s Family Services Department assists families in finding emergency rental or deposit help, as well as locating safe, permanent housing in Hartford. There may be support to help people from the community with remaining in their own homes, even though it is more limited. The case manager also helps them fill out the paperwork they need to get other support services, like government benefits.

The St. Elizabeth House Transitional Living Program provides homeless adults with single rooms and free meals every day for up to two years. This service is designed for long-term use. The time period provides residents with the opportunity to identify and address the underlying causes of their homelessness, whether it be lack of employment, poor credit, or other issues.

MHSC case managers work with individuals to set and meet goals so that the individual can become more independent and self-sufficient. The organization also offers the Jump Start to Jobs Program, which helps job seekers with an employment counselor. The staff help people to fill in job applications, do searches for jobs online, and improve their skills for interviews and using computers. The program provides access to a computer lab to help participants find employment and earn an income. The goal is to help people find permanent housing in the Hartford or Connecticut community.

Catherine’s Place in Hartford is a place where people can live. It is a small facility located in the downtown area. Catherine’s Place provides transitional housing for up to one year to single, homeless women. Daily meetings with case managers help clients learn the personal and vocational skills necessary for stable employment and permanent housing.

The MHSC Women’s Program provides housing and supportive services for women in recovery for up to 90 days. There is no discrimination based on age or race. This program helps people in treatment for substance abuse to make the transition to living in the community or to another level of care.

Residents who have been struggling for a long time can also get help. The goal of Mercy Supportive Housing Services is to help people who are chronically homeless, living in poverty, or have low incomes and serious, ongoing health conditions such as HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, or mental illness, to keep their homes.

A rental subsidy is a subsidy that helps people pay for their rental housing. The grant can be used for paying housing costs and for supportive services such as life-skills education, case management, and help with goal setting. If you would like to learn more about Supportive Housing, please call 860-808-2050.

Mercy House is a home for adults who are working to become independent, even if they have medical or mental health issues. Each resident is provided with their own case management team, private room, and access to clothing and/or meals as well as 24/7 support.

People with disabilities in Hartford can also get access to housing. MHSC also operates an emergency program for individuals with one or more co-occurring disabilities, whether they are physical or mental. The Residence at St. Mary’s Home in West Hartford is an affordable housing program that helps homeless adults with disabilities find stable housing. The services that are available are things such as having medical care, having staff support for twenty-four hours, having meals, and having somebody to help manage your medication and your case.

The main goal of Mercy Housing and Shelter Corporation is to help the homeless, but they also provide services to those who are at risk of eviction. If you need help finding resources, the best place to go is 211 Wethersfield Ave, Hartford, CT. There you will be able to find more information and someone to help guide you to the resources you need.

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