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Miami Assistance Programs.

The following services and assistance programs are specific to Miami. Miami-Dade County offers many programs that can help residents with different needs. This website provides more information and a more comprehensive list of resources.

Mortgage and foreclosure

Catholic Charities provides assistance to qualified homeowners regardless of their religion, culture, or background. The non-profit offers a foreclosure counseling program that could help with housing costs, including a partial mortgage payment. The program provides financial assistance to lower income families, those facing foreclosure, and homeowners within the Miami and Dade County limits. Anyone who wants help from Catholic Charities will need to go through case management. This means that you will be taught how to budget and how to avoid foreclosure, but there are other topics that may also be covered. You should always read the whole application to make sure you are eligible and know the requirements and guidelines. Applications for this foreclosure prevention and any financial help will be handled on a first come, first served basis, and the total cash provided is dependant on the availability of funds. This means that all resources are limited and should only be used as a last resort in an emergency. To reach customer service for this company, please call (305) 573-3333.

Miami and Dade County are introducing a new mortgage assistance program that will require lenders to go through a mediation process to help prevent foreclosures.

Assistance from Miami-Dade Community Action Agency (CAA)

This organization helps low and middle income families and individuals become self-sufficient by providing a wide variety of services. They offer several programs that provide temporary assistance until people can get back on their feet.

The aid offered includes help with rent, weatherization programs, low income energy assistance, transportation aid, credit and medical debt counseling, utility bill assistance, and more.

Get help at Liberty City Community Enrichment Center, Goulds Community Enrichment Center, or Accion Community Enrichment Center. If you would like to learn more about the company or get in contact with them, click here.

The Miami Dade Community Action Agency partners with local clinics, nurses, hospitals, and medical professionals to offer health care. There are many clinics in Miami Florida that can help you with your medical needs.

Housing, eviction avoidance, and rent

The federal government offers a voucher program for Section 8 housing, homeless prevention, rapid rehousing, and counseling in the Miami area. The Miami rental assistance program provides financial assistance to low-income residents who are struggling to pay their rent. The program is designed to help residents keep their homes and avoid homelessness.

Housing repair programs

The county has created a new Senior Housing Assistance Repair program that may be able to help low-income seniors pay for home repairs. The repair program provides financial assistance for qualifying repairs, up to $40,000. The program partners with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity that work to improve living conditions for people in need.

Seniors need to complete an application at the Community Action Agency of Miami-Dade County to receive assistance. There are some requirements that must be met in order to apply, such as providing the proper documents and making sure that property taxes have been paid. This means that they are not allowed to own any other properties besides the one they are living in.

Seniors need to agree to live in their home for 10 years after the repairs are completed. If the homeowners move before the 10 years are up, they will need to pay back a portion of the home repairs, depending on how long they have lived in their home.

The home repair program can provide things like a new roof, new floors, hurricane impact doors and windows, a new central air unit, paint, and work on septic tanks. Please call 786-469-4600.

There are other assistance programs that can help you besides the city programs. Check out programs offered by Miami Dade County.

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