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Midland County SVDP – St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs.

Clients of SVDP in Midland County will meet with a case manager or volunteer to learn about programs that could help them. If you need help from St. Ann’s Catholic Church, a worker will talk to you to figure out what kind of help you need and if the church can provide it. The staff can also connect the applicant to other programs that are available in Midland County that may be more appropriate to their needs.

Housing resources, shelters, and financial help in Midland County

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul operates an emergency homeless shelter in Midland, providing temporary accommodation and support services to people experiencing homelessness. Every person needs a place to sleep every night. Without a place to sleep, a person could die. We don’t have enough room for everyone.

This is done in order to assess the individual needs of the client. If found qualified, the person may be moved into immediate shelter which may last between one to five nights at a local boarding facility or hotel. There may be some vouchers available to help pay for a motel room in Midland County, but this is not a common occurrence.

Guests at the homeless shelter can work with a case manager to help them find affordable housing, or housing that is free through section 8. This will attempt to discover the main reasons they are homeless and work on improving that. This process will also help them to find a job, locate a permanent home, improve their credit, or deal with whatever the issue is. The St. Ann’s Catholic Church Society of Saint Vincent de Paul may be able to help clients by referring them to the transitional shelter program in Midland County or western Texas. Do a search for “rent free apartments near me.”

SVDP referrals and information

Reach out for opportunities to educate residents about the supportive services available to them. Staff can speak about services at presentations if requested.

There are various forms of assistance available, mostly through referrals. Some of the assistance that is available includes the following options. There are programs to help people with their utility bills and to become self-sufficient. Job training and placement for unemployed people or oil field workers. Job fairs may also be included. Society of Saint Vincent can help clients in some cases to apply for grants for Rent, Mortgage or Energy Bills.

Midland County St. Vincent free advice and counseling

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul helps people to become self-sufficient, which can include the following things: Staff will help them enter into a Family Savings Account, refer families to Head Start or Child Care, as well as Health Care and Wellness Services. In other words, the staff will help the family get started with saving money, finding child care, and staying healthy. There are also free medical clinics that offer dental and health care services in Texas. This means that people who have a problem with substance abuse can be referred to a service that will help them to stop using drugs and alcohol. There are free dental clinics for low income families in Texas. This is a great resource for families who cannot afford dental care.

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul volunteers provide case management services to help needy individuals become independent. There are services available to help with things like employment and money management, and you need to coordinate with a case manager to access them. A key component of financial coaching is providing clients with access to financial education.

There may be other services available to help low-income clients with other ongoing issues that are preventing them from being self-sufficient. This means that there are other resources in the community that can help you. Please note that these programs are subject to change as available funding goes up and down throughout the year.

Thrift Store in Midland County

The SVDP Thrift Store is a place in Midland County that is run by churches. This store provides free vouchers for people who are in need. There are great deals on items like furniture, jewelry, clothing and home items. Back Porch is a community hub that provides many services, including:

The Salvation Army Thrift Store encourages community involvement by “recycling” gently used items as donations. The store serves as a training site for disadvantaged clients to learn retail skills, providing free and low-cost goods for needy local residents. The Thrift Store also contributes to the local economy by keeping 100% of proceeds directly in the community.

All donations made to the St. Ann’s Catholic Church Thrift Store are eligible for a tax deduction. Donations of gently used items such as furniture, house-ware items, home furnishings, clothing, books, etc. are always welcome.

These families are given a short-term supply of groceries, personal hygiene items, diapers, baby formula and other necessary things to help them with their daily living requirements. There is always a need for donations of non-perishable items, such as canned goods and dry goods, to help families in need. If you would like to make a donation, please download our food list or learn how to put together your own food bags.

Contact number for Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Midland County

There are large areas of open space between communities in Midland County. The staff at St. Vincent de Paul are dedicated to helping as many people in need as they can. Office hours are set to help as many people as possible.

The office provides the same supportive services to anyone who is eligible. The information will be offered by case managers who are qualified. People who are interested should call the main office to find out when to stop by or what the process is. The address of the Midland, TX 79701 location is 1906 W Texas Ave. I’d like to speak to someone about my order. I would like to speak with someone about my order. The number to reach them is 432-684-3887.

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