Assistance Program

Miller County Arkansas assistance programs.

Rent assistance

Salvation Army of Texarkana may be able to help local individuals and families who are facing eviction, lost their homes, or are at risk of losing their homes. This help is funded by emergency solution grants from the government.

The federal government is giving money to Miller County Arkansas to help prevent homelessness and to help people who are homeless to find homes again. Almost 1 million dollars in aid is being sent to the county.

People are receiving rent and housing help from the stimulus program, even though there may have been some disagreement about it when it was first funded. The money that is being sent to the county is from a program that is designed to help prevent homelessness and to help people who are homeless to find housing again. Almost two billion dollars were being provided tohousing agencies across the nation.

The funds are being distributed to local organizations based on a formula that was used for the Emergency Shelter Grants program. The money will come from the area to help with many different types of programs and causes. Families can receive funds to help with expenses such as rent, utilities, air conditioning bills, moving costs, and security deposits. The Salvation Army can be reached at (870) 774-2701.

Save on energy bills with Weatherization

The Central Arkansas Development Council provides weatherization assistance to low-income residents. This assistance helps families save money on their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient. The program is administered by the Central Arkansas Development Council. For more information, please call (501)-776-8446. The objective of the Weatherization Assistance Program is to help people save money on their energy bills. This means that the government is mainly concerned with helping those who are not able to help themselves due to their low income, age, or disability. The program will help low-income people, primarily the elderly and handicapped, to save money on their energy costs by installing energy-saving measures in their homes. The program does not cost anything for participants.

Arkansas Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which is run by the Development Council, provides assistance and grants to qualified households to help them meet the cost of home energy and electric bills. This means that instead of receiving a bill from the energy supplier, the government pays the supplier directly on behalf of the eligible client. This helps to offset high energy bills and costs for those who need it most. This assistance program provides financial assistance in two forms.

The Crisis Assistance Program helps people in need by providing grants and other forms of assistance. To be eligible, you must meet certain criteria. The fund provides assistance to people who are struggling with energy-related emergency situations. There are crisis programs available for those who are struggling to pay their heating bills. These programs can help with the cost of heating your home and can keep your family safe and warm during the winter months.

Families will receive different amounts of assistance based on their income, the size of their household, and the region of the state they live in.

Financial aid and case management services

The SWADC community action agency provides additional forms of support in the region, including LIHEAP and emergency rent assistance. They depend on government money and can provide things like ESL classes and help with finding a job. They are a top social service agency in Texarkana, Arkansas and the surrounding area.

The amount of financial aid available is limited, but there may be occasional support for paying energy bills from LIHEAP, and referrals to local Miller County eviction prevention services that can help with rent or security deposits. The Miller County Senior Services also provides assistance with applications to Medicaid and programs such as Elderchoices. This agency provides development opportunities for the southwest region of Arkansas. Learn more about their services and how they can help you.

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