Mississippi transitional housing programs.

Mississippi families who are facing eviction or who are currently homeless can receive help from emergency shelters and transitional programs. Different organizations that don’t profit, religious groups, and government agencies work together to help people who live in the state. As part of this process, we will provide long-term solutions, including assistance in finding and paying for a permanent home.

There is a lot of demand for affordable and safe housing in Mississippi, so many agencies that offer transitional housing programs will have a waiting list. Other centers might focus on helping out single parents, veterans, or young people. Many people use these resources every month, and if a location can’t help you, they may be able to refer you to another place that can.

While staying at the center, people will be able to get help with their case, learn about job programs, get food, and get financial assistance. Also get information on long term, low income housing units that operate in your state.

The Augusta House is a project of the South Mississippi AIDS Task Force, and provides housing for low-income residents with HIV/AIDS. They also offer support services, transportation, and financial assistance.

The AIDS Services Coalition Haven House in Forrest County, Mississippi, provides transitional housing for HIV/AIDS patients. The organization is located at 121 College Street in Hattiesburg, and can be reached by phone at (601) 450-4286. The organization also offers intensive case management, prevention, and outreach programs.

Christian Services is a non-profit organization that provides various services to churches in Forrest County and the surrounding area. These services include food pantries, clothing banks, financial assistance, and counseling services.

The PRIDE organization provides information and education about drugs to the community in Carriere, MS. The main phone number for PRIDE is (601)798-9686.

7th Street, Suite B, Los Angeles, CA 90017 Stewpot Community Services is based in Los Angeles, CA, and provides assistance to people in need through a variety of programs. This organization provides an emergency shelter for men and women in Jackson, Mississippi. Other assistance includes providing free food, helping children and elderly people, and finding employment.

The Lighthouse Rescue Mission is a nonprofit organization that provides services such as shelter, food, and clothing to homeless individuals, single parents, and low-income families in Hattiesburg, MS. The organization also offers programs and resources to help these individuals and families improve their situations. The Lighthouse Rescue Mission can be reached by phone at (601) 544-2169. If you are in need of a place to stay, food, or job training, you can go to a shelter that will also help you get your GED. Other resources that are available include money management classes, credit repair classes, and general counseling.

Pine Grove Green Meadow is a non-profit agency that provides low income and supportive housing for those who are chronically homeless.

The Gateway Rescue Mission of Hinds provides shelter and resources for the homeless, hungry, veterans, and seniors in the Jackson, Mississippi area. We also have a clothing and furniture program to help you out. GED classes and information on government housing and financial assistance for rent or deposits is available.

Euclid St. The main address for Wingard House is 1279 N. Euclid St. The address is: West Street, Jackson, Mississippi 39202. The phone number is (601) 969-2775. This is a transitional housing facility for children, women, pregnant teens, men, and whole families who are homeless or who were evicted.

The “Mountain of Faith” is a church in Vicksburg, Mississippi that is geared towards women and children. The church can be contacted by calling (601) 661-8990.

The Multi-County Community Service Agency provides a variety of social services to residents in the Meridian, MS area. Services include assistance with food, housing, employment, and more. Case managers work with Mississippi families to help them overcome poverty. There is financial assistance available for paying rent, utility bills, food, and other housing expenses.

The Guardian Shelter in Natchez, Mississippi provides housing for women who are homeless due to domestic violence. The shelter is free of charge, and provides supportive services to help women get back on their feet.

This organization provides referrals, meals, short-term housing, and other social services and support to those in need.

The Bolivar County Community Action Agency in Cleveland, Mississippi provides transitional shelter and job finding programs for those in need, as well as funds for deposits for other housing programs. For more information, call (662) 846-1491.

The Salvation Army of Pascagoula and Jackson County provides assistance to people who are facing eviction, behind on their rent, and homeless. The main number for the organization is (228) 762-7222. The company partners with other non-profits and charities, including Salvation Army centers across Mississippi, to offer shelter and low income housing. Some assistance may be available for those who need help paying a security deposit when they are ready to move into a new home or apartment.

The address for Recovery House, Inc. is PO Box 2590 Columbus, MS 39704. The phone number is (662) 329-4333.

The Mental Health Association of Mississippi provides transitional housing and other support services for people with disabilities and mental illness.

They also can get help with case management, employment, and healthcare. The mission is to help these families get back on their feet and become productive citizens. The Back Bay Mission provides housing for homeless and evicted families, as well as case management, employment, and healthcare assistance to help them get back on their feet and become productive citizens.

The New Dimensions Development Foundation, Inc. is a organization that helps to provide temporary housing for single women, parents, and children. They are located in Jackson, MS and their phone number is (601) 969-9856.

Youth Villages is a company that helps children, youth, teenagers, and others in the community.

The New Life for Women, Inc. is located at 814 North Congress Street in Jackson, Mississippi. It can be reached at (601) 355-2195.

The Gulf Coast Women’s Center for Nonviolence is a non-profit organization that provides support for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. They offer a 24-hour crisis hotline, counseling, and legal advocacy services.

The Baddour Center is a non-profit organization in Tate County, Mississippi that provides a variety of services and housing programs. For more information, please call (662) 562-0100. The center offers group homes that provide a safe and supervised living environment for residents. Some people may be able to find places to stay that can help them transition into a more permanent living situation. The last option for qualified applicants is a permanent home or apartment.

LaSalle Blvd., Suite 354, Chicago, IL 60654 Catholic Charities provides support for victims of domestic violence through their Domestic Violence Service Center. The center is located in Chicago and provides a variety of services to help those affected by domestic violence. The address for the Jackson, MS offices of the President Street is: President Street Jackson, MS 39202 The main phone number for this location is: (601) 355-8634

Hinds County Human Resource Agency provides case management and housing support services. Low income families who meet certain qualifications can apply for government housing assistance, including section 8 private apartments.

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