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Missouri Valley Community Action Agency programs.

Missouri Valley Community Action Agency helps low and moderate income families by administering several assistance programs and self-sufficiency services. Case managers can help families apply for government assistance programs that can help with things like utility bills, early childhood education, and home weatherization.

The MVCAA provides resources to residents of Chariton, Johnson, Lafayette, Carroll, Pettis, Ray, and Saline counties. If someone does not qualify for a program, they may be referred to other local non-profits.

Energy and emergency financial aid

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is a program that helps low income families with the costs of energy. The program is targeted to the elderly, the disabled, and families with young children. There are two programs to help with energy costs, the regular Energy Assistance Program and the Crisis Intervention Program. These programs are designed to help low-income residents whose home utility bill costs amount to more than half of their income. The programs are funded by the federal government. -In order to qualify for LIHEAP, you must meet certain criteria regarding your income, relationship to energy bill payments in your home, where you live, how many people live with you, and if any resources are available.

The MVCAA operates a Home Weatherization Program in various counties throughout Missouri, including Ray, Carroll, Saline, and Chariton Counties. This program provides weatherization services to eligible homeowners in order to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. It can help community residents with reducing the amount of money they spend on heating and cooling their homes. Some other benefits of solar panels include being more comfortable in your home during both summer and winter, an increase in your home’s value, better health for your family, and saving money on your monthly bills.

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Rental assistance that is subsidized by the government is offered to those in need. The agency can be reached at 660-886-7476 for information on eligibility for cash grants to help pay rent. There is only a limited amount of money available, and it will only be given to very low income families in Missouri.

The Missouri Valley Community Action Agency helps children in need get ready for the upcoming school year. Services are offered in counties such as Johnson and Chariton, as well as other towns. This is for school-aged children that include on-site health and wellness services as well as free back-to-school supplies at no cost to qualifying families. There may be more than just clothes and books. If you already get help from MVCAA, you can get free school supplies for your kids too.

Additional services and support

MVCAA provides case management services to low-income families, seniors, and the disabled in order to help them improve their situations. Staff will help clients find ways to improve their financial situation. This means finding out what someone needs and then finding the best way to help them.

The agency will provide referrals to social services offered by the agency or in the surrounding area. The organization is also working with other charities and non-profits, including Family Resource Centers, to provide services to the community. They are located in the counties of Pettis, Lafayette, Johnson and others. The agency will offer a wide range of services to clients.

MVCAA has partnered with charities and other members of the community to establish an initiative to help families in need with rising out of poverty. The program is designed to help people become self-sufficient rather than relying on government assistance. The organization provides comprehensive life-skills training services, including mentoring and weekly support meetings, to help people learn the skills they need to improve their lives.

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New Directions will work to provide educational, financial, and employment opportunities. The goal is to help families gain the skills they need to improve their circumstances, such as getting a better paying job or more education. It can make them feel better about themselves, see themselves in a new light and become more independent.

The Family Support and Development program offers a wide range of high-quality services to clients of Missouri Valley Community Action Agencies. Individuals can receive intensive family support through various means, such as one-on-one case management, assistance with paying utility bills, targeted coaching to remedy crisis situations, and pre-GED test tutoring.

Head Start is a government-funded program that provides free or low-cost preschool, child care, and other services to low-income families with children. This program is designed for young children aged birth to five years old, with a strong focus on parental involvement.

The goal is to help prepare young children from income-eligible families to be successful in kindergarten and beyond. The staff from Missouri Valley Community Action Agency are supporting the healthy development of the child in all aspects, including social, physical, and emotional. Head Start also welcomes children with special needs, such as those with disabilities, children from homeless families, and children in foster care.

Children who participate in this program will receive daily meals, social services, educational activities, medical and dental services, and more. The parents can also participate in finding and using resources available in the community, such as Family Literacy and GED Services. If you would like to enroll your child in Head Start, please call 660-886-7476, or visit a Head Start Center.

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The Early Head Start from Missouri Valley Community Action Agency promotes quality care for children from birth to age three, either at home or at a center. The organization provides resources and support to these facilities so they can better care for the children in their charge.

Affordable childcare can be found if you look hard enough. The program will provide activities for the child and teach parents how to be role models and how to be self-reliant. Family Advocates from the non-profit are also available to help with transportation for program services, connections with community resources, and family goal setting activities. To qualify for child care, parents must have a job, earn a certain amount of money, or be enrolled in school or a job training program.

Family Literacy programming is a resource that helps parents improve their literacy skills and provides early childhood education. It provides the child and parent with reliable, evidence-based literacy instruction for the entire family. The goal is to provide families with the means to escape poverty. The organization offers a variety of services to help people improve their literacy skills, including GED Test Preparation, Early Literacy Activities, Adult Literacy Instruction and Support, and tutoring.

10th Street The Missouri Valley Community Action Agency is located at 1415 S. 10th Street. Odell Marshall is a city located in the state of Missouri. The city has a population of 65340 and is located in the 660-886-7476 area code. There may also be some smaller, secondary offices.


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