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Mobile County free clothing closets, furniture banks and school supply programs.

People of all ages and backgrounds use Mobile County’s free clothing and furniture banks. The locations will offer free items to eligible low-income families. Some examples of what families may find at a center include items for work, such as a suit or dress, or items for school, such as a backpack or school supplies. There may also be free school supplies and uniforms in Mobile, and many other items such as diapers or vouchers for use at a store may be given out. The regional furniture banks may have free beds, tables, couches, and other items for low income Mobile households who are in need.

Clothing banks typically only have enough resources to help people in crisis situations, while thrift stores are open to everyone. Families can go to these places to buy cheap things. Whether it is furniture or maybe an appliance, those items can all be purchased. The centers may also have lower prices for clothing or personal hygiene items.

There is a place called Bayou Recovery Project and they have gently used furniture and clothing available. The address is 8270 Hemley Street Bayou La Batre, Alabama 36509 and the main phone number is (251) 609-0448.

is a U.S. 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is Boat People SOS, Inc. is a nonprofit organization in the United States whose mission is to help Vietnamese refugees and immigrants. The Gulf Coast Address is a non-profit organization that only supports Vietnamese-Americans living in Mobile County, Alabama. They can be contacted by phone at (251) 517-3011. Some organizations help people in need by providing them with things like financial assistance, medical equipment, and clothing appropriate for a job interview.

The Tri-coastal Community Outreach Gifts and Thrift Store is located at 12851 Highway 90 South in Grand Bay, Alabama. The store sells low cost items and can be reached by telephone at (251) 865-1711. School items, home decor, household goods, clothing, work boots, and other items may be sold for less than $5.

The Catholic Social Service Center provides both financial and material assistance, such as clothing, to those in need. The center is located at 555 Dauphin Street in Mobile, Alabama, and can be reached by phone at (251) 434-1500. The charity may have personal hygiene items, kitchen appliances, furniture, and gently used clothing or new school supplies. They may also have money for other expenses like bills or housing costs.

Christ United Methodist Church has a clothing bank that can be accessed by calling (251) 342-0462 for referrals.

The Salvation Army Citadel is located on Pleasant Valley Road in Mobile, Alabama. The charity provides a variety of services including a food bank, clothing, and financial assistance. The Salvation Army also offers spiritual guidance and worship services. The Salvation Army Citadel can be reached by phone at (251) 479-2389. The Salvation Army Citadel is a faith-based charity located on Pleasant Valley Road in Mobile, Alabama. The charity provides a variety of services to the community including a food bank, clothing, and financial assistance. The Salvation Army also offers spiritual guidance and worship services. For more information, please call (251) 479-2389. Each year, during summer and fall, free school supplies are given to students from elementary to high school. There is a clothing bank where you can get shoes, belts, jackets, shorts, uniforms (for adults or school kids) and more. The Salvation Army provides low-cost furniture, financial assistance, food, and other support. The Mobile County Salvation Army provides free basic needs for those in need, including food, clothing, and shelter. They also offer other services such as financial assistance and counseling.

The Dauphin Way United Methodist Church provides clothing for Christmas as well as year-round assistance. I need an intake assessment.

The Dumas Wesley Community Center offers free gently used clothing for men, women, children, and students at 126 Mobile Street in Mobile, Alabama. The main phone number for the center is (251) 469-0633. The charity can only be used once a month. Up to six articles may be given to qualified applicants who are working and Poor.

The Mobile County Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Society provides many resources to those in need using volunteers and donations. There is a charity that provides free household supplies, furniture, appliances, and kitchen goods to people in need. If you need hot meals, winter clothes, or shoes in southern Alabama, you can get them for free from the on-site clothing bank. The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office is the largest law enforcement agency in the county. It is responsible for providing law enforcement services to the citizens of Mobile County.

Mission Of Hope Used Furniture And Appliances is a store that sells gently used furniture for low prices. Some medical equipment is designed for people who have disabilities or who are elderly.

Penelope House is a place that helps families who are going through violence. They have a center where people can go to get help and support. Penelope’s Closet is a clothing store in Mobile, Alabama. The store sells clothes at a low cost.

The church provides diapers for low income parents or single moms, school supplies, notebooks, and other aid for Mobile county residents.

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