Rent Assistance

Monroe and Lawrence County rental assistance.

Temporary rent assistance may be available for families that are facing an emergency in Monroe or Lawrence County. The amount of money that can be given to families is limited. This means that if you are a household with children or senior citizens, you are more likely to get help from an agency than if you are a household without children or senior citizens. Housing programs also support people with disabilities.

The best way to prevent homelessness is through having a job and living in an affordable home or apartment. This means that the non-profits in Monroe County will also deal with those problems. You will need to provide this before they will give you any money for grants or rent.

Some families may find that the best thing to do is to move. For some clients, the security deposit on the new home or first months rent may be covered by financial aid. If the problem cannot be solved, then referrals are given.

Monroe County United Ministries only provides assistance to families in Monroe County, Indiana who are experiencing an emergency situation that they are not responsible for. For example, if a family is facing a financial emergency due to a lack of budgeting, Monroe County United Ministries may be able to provide assistance. The main phone number for Monroe County United Ministries is (812) 339-3429. There may be money available to help pay for energy bills, rent, mortgages, or a security deposit.

The Saint Vincent De Paul Society Of Bloomington provides rent assistance through a partnership with local churches. Other forms of aid may include access to medication, heating fuel, or utility connection or rental deposits.

The Salvation Army Center in Bloomington is a place where people can go to get help with housing needs. They can get help with rent or other housing expenses. They can help connect you to other charities in the area.

The Shalom Community Center is a place where people in need can go to get help with things like rent and utilities. They only require a small amount of money (such as $50) to get started. They also offer help with finding loan and government grant programs.

The main office is in Bedford, and the other is in Mitchell. The Interfaith Endeavor helps people with a variety of needs, such as food, clothing, and rent assistance. They also have a number of programs aimed at helping people get back on their feet, such as job training and GED classes. The Lawrence Interfaith Endeavor (LIFE) is an organization that helps people in need with things such as food, clothing, and rent assistance. They also have programs to help people get back on their feet, such as job training and GED classes. Their main office is in Bedford, with a second office in Mitchell. If a charity is denied by a township trustee, they may still offer help with rent or a mortgage payment. This program is designed to help families that are struggling to pay their rent, especially those with children or who are single parents. The goal is to help them create a plan to pay their rent in the future without assistance.

The Blooming Housing Authority is a government organization that helps provides housing for low income families.

Call the Lawrence County Society Of Saint Vincent DePaul at (812) 279-8555. This is a faith based group that may be able to help you with whatever you need.

Bloomington Legal Services provides free legal assistance to residents of both counties. To reach customer service, please call (812) 339-7668. They can provide advice on how to avoid being evicted and what a tenant’s responsibilities are regarding back rent.

Every municipality in the region will have a Township Trustee. They help with providing essential needs like food and shelter. This can include expenses for a place to live, like rent or a mortgage. Grants can also help pay for things like transportation or household goods, like beds or cribs, for a new home.

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