Montgomery County Emergency Assistance Agency in Texas.

Residents of Montgomery County Texas who have a low income, are experiencing a hardship, and meet other conditions may be able to get financial assistance in an emergency. The Montgomery County Emergency Assistance Agency may have funds to pay for utilities, medications, food, rent, housing, and other costs.

If you have recently gone to the doctor’s office or an emergency room and are low income or uninsured, you may be able to get help obtaining prescription medications. MCEA has a program that will help people who are in a financial crisis and who can’t afford to pay for their prescriptions. Montgomery County will try to find the cheapest medications possible and will send a voucher to anyone who qualifies. This person can then bring that prescription medication voucher to the pharmacy or drug store, and that will allow them to get the medication at a reduced price. Clients who need help with medical bills will need to prove that they cannot afford their medications and that they have no other form of government assistance, such as Medicaid or Medicare.

The Montgomery County Emergency Assistance offers help with paying utility bills. If you need help paying for your utilities, there may be assistance available through your state or local government. To qualify for aid, you will likely need to demonstrate financial need and pass other qualifications, such as having a low income. The county has programs to help with utility bills if the home is heated by kerosene, electricity, gas, propane or wood. Remember that county assistance programs for utilities can’t pay for expenses that aren’t essential, like security lights, phones, cable TV, or water bills.

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Elderly/Disabled Energy Assistance helps senior citizens with their energy bills. The Emergency Short-Term Utility Assistance program can help those who are in an energy crisis situation or who are facing a shut off.

Some of the other services that Montgomery County offers are repairing and replacing heating and cooling appliances, helping people pay for co-pays, and also helping people apply for Entergy Project Care.

The Montgomery County Emergency Rent and Mortgage Assistance program provides assistance for housing expenses. If you’re struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments and are at risk of being evicted or foreclosing on your home, MCEA may be able to help. MCEA provides emergency cash assistance for those who are about to be evicted and have no money to pay for rent or their mortgage. The goal is to help clients keep their homes while working towards self-sufficiency and solutions to a housing crisis, so that people can pay their rent or mortgage on their own in the future.

MCEA may offer food and groceries. The non-profit government agency can offer free groceries for seniors on a fixed income, qualified clients who experience an unexpected crisis, and the homeless can get help too. The county is aware that if expenses go up or income decreases, people might have to choose between buying food and paying their rent. People often have to choose between buying food and other necessities, like medication or rent. This is especially hard during tough economic times.

The Montgomery County Emergency Assistance agency provides housing for people who are in need of a place to stay on a temporary basis. This is done through the agency’s Transitional Housing Program. The county will provide services to help the person as well as a safe place to live. The purpose of this help is to assist families who are transitioning from shelters or the streets into permanent housing. This program provides families with a place to live for up to two years. The residents of this housing unit or apartment will be offered coping skills necessary to help them sustain permanent housing. Some examples of the types of services that a social worker or case manager can provide are job search training, Life Skills training, case management, and much more.

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All help from Montgomery County Texas is dependant on the amount of money and other resources available. This assistance is only available to a limited number of families who meet the eligibility requirements. Please call the following number for assistance: (936) 539-9211.

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