Assistance Program

Montgomery County Maryland Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Catholic Charities provides programs that can help people who are in a crisis. These programs can help with things like food, shelter, and other basic needs. The agency will provide direct financial assistance, as well as partnering with other Montgomery County Maryland churches, non-profits, and government agencies to offer resources.

The Montgomery County Family Center provides families with resources such as education and support services. The center provides assistance to the entire county, even though it is located in the Wheaton and Silver Spring region. If you need help, this is the place to go. Many Catholic Charity services come from here. The staff at the center can help connect people to local resources that can help them. The key focus is on partnering with other organizations and agencies in the community to provide comprehensive assistance to anyone who wants help. If you are a low income family, there are case managers and social workers who can help you get through tough times and become stable. They can help you find a job that pays enough to support yourself.

The Montgomery County Family Center wants to join forces with other organizations in the area to help families in need. This will allow the center to provide services that promote independence and self-sufficiency. These services may include support, education, and employment. The Catholic Charity supported center welcomes anyone who is struggling in the county.

Food is available from pantries and emergency grocery and food boxes. Catholic Charities will make sure that everyone, especially children and seniors, have food to eat. Every now and then, people who can’t leave their home in Montgomery County may have a holiday meal delivered to them. The food and healthy lifestyle programs offer free nutrition, cooking and exercise classes.

Employment assistance includes help with creating and improving resumes. In addition to providing job search assistance, many unemployment offices offer other services to help those looking for work, such as access to computers and other job search resources.

Catholic Charities is an organization that helps immigrants and refugees in the Maryland region. There are many resources available to help immigrants settle in and find a job, including low cost legal aid. Employment and education opportunities are available, including classes such as English as a Second Language. Also, there are many immigration legal services that can help with the process.

Emergency money may be given to help people in a difficult financial situation. This means that help is available with paying rent, a mortgage, and utility bills. If you are facing a disconnection or eviction in Montgomery County Maryland, you will be given priority for any funds from the center. The two main Family Centers are located in Silver Spring and Bethesda. The Silver Spring center can be reached at (301) 942-1790, and the Bethesda center can be found at 4848 Cordell Ave. To speak to someone at this number, dial (301) 907-9597.

These services help those in need by providing them with guidance and support so they can improve their lives. This will help people see all of their potential choices.

There is a clothing store that sells shoes and other clothes. Other items that may be offered are winter coats, work uniforms, school supplies and more.

The services and assistance that are available for pregnant women include things such as parent education classes, access to maternity clothes, baby formula, and general counseling. This help is designed to support pregnant women as they go through their pregnancy and prepare for the arrival of their child. Catholic Charities may be able to provide resources for single parents.

These classes teach people about financial matters, such as how to reduce debt and how to manage credit. Other services that are offered are help with budgeting, free counseling on foreclosures through HUD, and advice on how to deal with personal loans and payday lenders.

Other groups help with public assistance. The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, in partnership with IMPACT Silver Spring and the Catholic Charity Neighborhood Service Center, provides assistance to low income and poor families. Services include access to food, clothing, and other necessities. People can come in to talk to staff about getting help from the government with things like health care, food, money for bills, and child care on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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