Rent Assistance

Morris County rental assistance programs.

In Morris County, there are several places you can go for rent assistance. The government provides assistance for those who need help paying their rent, and there are also several charities and non-profit organizations that can help. If you need assistance, you should contact your local government office or the charity or non-profit organization of your choice. There are a number of housing resources available to qualified families with low incomes, with a focus on households that have children, a senior citizen, or a disabled member. There are agencies that will offer money to help pay for things like rent and security deposits, and these agencies usually also provide legal support.

There is not a lot of money available to help people pay for rent. The money for this project will come from either private donations or from the government grant process that occurs annually. Each agency’s goal is to provide some form of support that will help the tenant catch up on any rent they owe.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit one of the locations below. – Some places, such as charities, are only open for a limited amount of time. An evaluation will be done to see if the applicant qualifies for rent assistance. If they do, they will be given the money.

The Hope House is a Catholic Family & Community Service that provides support for clients with HIV or AIDS as well as their immediate family members. The government provides financial assistance for rent or bills, as well as subsidies for housing and other needs. The address is 19-21 Belmont Ave, Dover New Jersey. The phone number is (973) 361 – 5555.

There is more financial aid available for families who are poor and work. There may be money available for things like energy bills, back rent, or even a security deposit. The Morris County church-based group is working to end homelessness in the region. For more information or referrals, call (855) 483 – 8466.

This program helps with daily activities such as cooking, cleaning and offers transportation options. This non-profit organization partners with the federal government’s Housing and Urban Development agency to provide this service.

The Morris County Housing Authority is responsible for providing housing for low- and moderate-income residents of Morris County, New Jersey. The Authority is located at 99 Ketch Road in Morristown, New Jersey. They offer housing in which the rent amount is based on income. The program provides vouchers that can be used to rent housing from participating landlords. The Section 8 housing voucher program provides rent vouchers for very low income families, seniors, and disabled people in Morris County. The vouchers can be used to rent housing from participating landlords. There are sites in Randolph, Rockaway Township, and other regions. The number to reach the person is (973) 540 – 0389.

The Morris County Office of Temporary Assistance offers eviction prevention services. The county can use a combination of loans and grants as a form of emergency rental assistance. The county provides services such as shelter and relocation. The toll free number for this company is (800) 640 – 9783.

The organization provides assistance to those who are homeless or about to be homeless. This includes help with finding housing, as well as providing resources such as food and clothing. Some of the money can be used for things like rent, utilities, or a down payment on a new, more affordable place to live.

The Family Loan Program at the Northwest NJ Community Action Program can help with bills like rent and utilities while the client is looking for a job. NORWESCAP can connect you with resources for finding housing, including information on rapid rehousing. This is a phone number

The Salvation Army has a center located at 95 Spring St in Morristown, New Jersey. The main phone number for the center is (973) 539-2700.

The Morris County Legal Assistance office provides free representation and advice to people struggling with basic needs. The office is located at 30 Schuyler Pl, Morristown, New Jersey, 07963. The phone number for the office is (973) 285 – 6911. This will include applying for benefits such as section 8 housing, income programs, and more.

The Family Promise of Morris County offers shelter and transitional housing to families in need as part of their Interfaith Hospitality Network partnership. If you or someone you know is in need of shelter, please contact the Family Promise of Morris County at (973) 998 – 0820. If you are a single parent or a survivor of domestic violence, you can get help. There are many organizations that offer support and resources to people in your situation. You are not alone.

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