My Brother’s Keeper Outreach Center resources and programs.

The MBK Center is a non-profit organization that provides resources to people who are less fortunate. Some families in crisis may receive limited financial aid, depending on funding availability and other factors. However, the My Brother’s Keeper Outreach Center provides many other programs to qualified low-income families, children, and seniors in Harris County. Some examples of resources that may be available to people in need are free clothing or Christmas meals and toys, and volunteers and staff who can help address the cause of their hardship.

When you need help, someone will need to talk to you and figure out what kind of assistance you need. The staff at MBK will meet with the individual to find out what kind of assistance they need, whether it is food, help with rent, or one of their special programs, such as Christmas or back to school supplies. The center will offer advice and support to everyone, no matter what their gender, race, ethnicity, or religion is.

Emergency aid, including food

If someone is having trouble paying for rent or utilities, there may be money available from donations to help them out. In some cases, the My Brother’s Keeper Outreach Center may help with a security deposit for a new, low income apartment in Harris County or Houston.

Other forms of aid are provided alongside self-sufficiency. For example, clients that need financial help will need to be seeking employment or to increase their income, and they may sign up to use the computer for free internet access. The job seekers are also given information on any job openings that are available in Houston or Harris County that MBC has information on.

There is also a food pantry on site for emergency situations. This will provide free groceries and food boxes to individuals and families who are struggling and have low to moderate incomes, as indicated by Client Services. There may also be baby formula, help for new parents, fruits, and meals for seniors.

The MBK Pantry program mostly relies on donations from individuals, food drives from local churches and other financial contributions to be able to provide its services. During the holidays, free special packages are prepared and distributed to the needy.

Holiday programs and help in locating employment in Harris County

This lab is for people who have been approved. This website can help you with job searches or learning new software. There are also computers available for creating resumes and/or cover letters, free Internet access for searching for jobs online, and printers. Classes that teach how to use Microsoft Office products like Excel and other systems are offered.

The Resource Lab at My Brother’s Keeper Outreach Center has employment postings from hiring businesses in the community. Local companies partner with My Brother’s Keeper Outreach Center to find employees. The goal is to get a job.

Seasonal and holiday programs offer free school supplies, such as notebooks or clothing for students. The Harris County MBK center receives donations of school supplies from generous members of the community and from the Salvation Army every year as part of the Inspiring Minds School Supply Program.

There are also Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and toys available. The Children Christmas Social will give out free presents to children from low income families. The presents can be a game, piece of clothing, or just a general toy. The MBK center also provides meal services. There is also an Easter social, and children will receive a free Easter basket with a set of Resurrection Eggs.

The Thanksgiving Meal service is for low income families and individuals who cannot afford a traditional Thanksgiving feast. A hot meal with turkey and toppings will be served to them. This means that it is given to people who need it, usually because they cannot afford it. You can prepare it the way you like it.

The center for My Brother’s Keeper can be reached by phone at (281) 498-9933. The application process can be found at the main address, 12713A Bissonnet Street, Houston, Texas 77099.

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