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Nassau and Suffolk County – Long Island Salvation Army assistance programs.

If you or your family is in need of assistance, you can contact the Salvation Army in Long Island. The non-profit can help with things like money for emergencies, case management, and connecting people with resources that can help them with their hardships. There are several centers that help low income and working poor families in Suffolk and Nassau Counties New York.

The Salvation Army provides a variety of services to people in need, including free food, assistance with rent, medication, and heating bills, as well as access to food pantries and thrift stores. This organization providesChristmas assistance (meals or toys), free back to school supplies, and much more to those in need during the holiday season.

Many families and individuals who live on Long Island struggle from time to time. Some residents are in constant financial trouble. Many people in Suffolk and Nassau County are only a couple of missed paychecks away from a financial crisis. Sometimes an illness or a divorce within a family causes a hardship. The Salvation Army is a religious organization that provides help to people in need, regardless of their circumstances or religion.

Get free food, clothes, meals, holiday items and more

The Salvation Army has locations across Long Island that offer free items to those in need. This includes things like the free food pantry, winter jackets and school supplies, hot meals, shoes and clothes, and Christmas gifts. There are a few ways to go about getting free or cheap clothes. One way is to look for vouchers that can be used at different stores. Another way is to look for thrift stores in the area.

The social workers and volunteers in Suffolk and Nassau counties are dedicated to helping the people in those communities. They will help the less fortunate as much as possible. If an office has specific requests from clients for items such as toiletries or winter coats, they will try to meet these requests or refer clients to outside non-profit agencies that can help. The Salvation Army provides financial and emergency assistance to people in need, especially at the end of the month when they may not have enough money to cover their expenses.

Salvation Army financial aid programs in Long Island

The Salvation Army provides emergency assistance from 30 locations across the greater New York area, including Long Island, Suffolk, and Nassau County. The staff and the Salvation Army provide services to needy families and individuals who are in a documented crisis or need in the following areas.

The agency may have a limited amount of prescription medication, clothing, and utility/heating bill assistance for people who are in a crisis. If a local center can’t help you, they will still offer help in the form of intake and assessments, and the agency will link clients to other government or non-profit assistance programs within The Salvation Army or local community resources.

The programs and services available vary greatly depending on the population they serve. Other types of financial assistance that may be available include help with rent or housing, eviction prevention, or free vouchers for emergency assistance with medications. This assistance is usually determined by a combination of funding from the government and special grants. There are also free gift cards/ food items available for people with special dietary needs, clothing, and small household items.

If you are struggling to pay your heating bill, energy assistance may be available to help you. The Salvation Army will help people who are about to be disconnected from their utilities, or who are running out of heating fuel. Referring people to programs that can help with utility bills, such as LIHEAP in New York. Some may have small financial assistance that can help pay for utilities. The funds will need to be used to help prevent a disconnection of utility services. Some people may get money to help pay for their heating bills so they don’t get cold during the winter.

These services are for people who are struggling to the point where they cannot fix the situation on their own. There are several homeless shelters in Nassau and Suffolk County, and the agency also provides other support services. This can include residences for families, veterans’ shelters, and housing for mentally ill people. There is a program that assesses homeless women and helps connect them with long term care that is appropriate for them. This program is short-term.

There are over 20 centers in the greater New York region that have soup kitchens and food pantries. This includes Long Island. The food banks provide free food for people who are in need. They also help by giving out grocery vouchers so people can buy food that is healthy and affordable. Thrift stores and food pantries may have school supplies or backpacks for students.

Suffolk and Nassau County Salvation Army social services

We offer case management services. The Salvation Army will work to identify and resolve the root causes of the crisis. They will help families in Nassau and Suffolk County New York in other ways. This can include things like referrals, credit and budget counseling, government aid, job programs, and emotional support as necessary. Our objective is to keep people from being homeless, and to make sure they have enough money to pay their bills. There are free job finding and training programs available in New York.

Adult Education may be provided in order to help adults improve their skills or knowledge. The Salvation Army provides ESL classes to help people in diverse regions, such as New York, to better understand and communicate in English. There are also other types of classes that are offered at community centers on Long Island, such as classes to help someone get their high school diploma equivalency (GED) or classes on using computers.

Many senior citizens in the region, including in Suffolk County, have a limited income from Social Security or pensions. The Salvation Army provides assistance to the elderly and seniors through special programs. Retirement can be a difficult time for many people. They may have to live on a fixed income, which can be difficult to adjust to. They may also have health problems that they didn’t have before, which can make them feel more reliant on others. And, they may feel lonely without a companion to spend their time with. This means that senior citizens can go to certain centers to get a free breakfast, talk to someone about their medical concerns, get help with social security paperwork, and participate in fun activities like classes and workshops or group recreation.

Long Island is home to many different locations, as noted below. If there is no thrift store or Financial aid program near you, ask someone for help in finding one.

Suffolk County Salvation Army Centers

11901, 631-727-3200 The first location is East Northport, 319 Clay Pitts Rd. 11731, 631-368-1170 and the second location is Riverhead, 130 Osborne Ave. 11901, 631-727-3200. To contact support, dial 631-727-3338.

Nassau County is served by locations at the following.

11550, 516-292-2585 There are two locations, one in Freeport and one in Hempstead. The Freeport location is at 66 Church St. 11520 and the phone number is 516-378-4557. The Hempstead location is at Citadel 65 Atlantic Ave. 11550 and the phone number is 516-292-2585. To reach the Westbury office, dial 516-485-4900 and ask for extension 11550. The office is located at 992 Prospect Ave. The main phone number for this company is 516-338-7265.

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