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New Mexico Gas Company financial and payment assistance programs.

The New Mexico Gas Company can help you with paying your natural gas bills. The energy provider helps customers with financial assistance programs and payment plans and can also tell them about other resources that may be helpful, such as government grants or local non-profits. The main sources of natural gas in New Mexico are located underground.

One of the top charity programs in New Mexico is HEAT. The mission of this organization is to help those in need during the winter season. This program can help families who qualify to stay warm.

There is a struggle for New Mexican residents when it comes to paying heating bills during the colder months. It can be difficult for people to pay, especially during these challenging times. The New Mexico Gas Company sponsors the HEAT fund. Some families have a hard time paying their heating bills during winter. There are organizations that can help these families by giving them money or other resources.

This organization also relies a lot on donations from other people. If you are able to contribute, your donation will be tax deductible and the funds will go towards helping New Mexicans stay safe and warm during winter. If you need help with your heating bills, or if you can donate, please call the New Mexico Gas Company.

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program helps low-income families pay for their energy bills. The program is funded by the federal government, but it is administered by the New Mexico Human Services Department and local community action agencies. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program may be able to help low-income families with their energy bills, with a focus on seniors, families with children, those on fixed income (such as pension), and the disabled. There are programs that can help with paying energy bills, and also emergency assistance for those who are about to be disconnected.

This program is also generally offered for income qualified residents on Indian Lands. Some local tribes have their own versions of the LIHEAP program. They may work with government agencies such as the New Mexico Health and Human Services area offices.

The Winter Moratorium is a period of time during winter when certain low-income customers who qualify for federal government LIHEAP assistance do not have to make utility payments. Individuals will not have their natural gas service disconnected for nonpayment of their New Mexico Gas bills from November 15 through March 15. This means that individuals will not have to worry about their natural gas service being disconnected during this time if they are unable to pay their New Mexico Gas bill.

There are restrictions on all resources. A customer’s natural gas bills need to be current as of November 15 of the year they apply in order to receive the moratorium. If you don’t keep up with your payments, the period of time when you can’t be evicted from your home won’t start until you’ve paid all the fees and charges you owe. Paying a debt in installments. Any customers who have not paid their balances from last winter are not eligible for the winter moratorium protection.

If you get a notice that your utility service is going to be disconnected because you haven’t paid, you need to contact your energy provider. You will need to provide a document that proves you are eligible for LIHEAP.

After the winter moratorium period ended, the state Human Services Department and New Mexico Gas Company remind customers that they still need to pay any outstanding natural gas bills that were due during the winter.

The company is asking customers to continue to pay their bills during the moratorium period to avoid incurring large balances on their accounts. To find out about the winter moratorium, call 888-664-2726.

If you think you will have difficulty paying your New Mexico gas bill in the future, you can call 888-664-2726 to make payment arrangements or explore other options. People who are elderly, low income, disabled, or have other special circumstances or hardships are given priority. Some customers may be eligible for financial assistance programs that offer extended payment plans.

Budget billing is a program that helps people manage their money. It is free to use and can help people of all income levels. The Budget Billing program spread your monthly bills and payments into equal parts so you don’t have big changes in how much you pay each month.

Applying for assistance with bills from New Mexico Gas Company

Call the New Mexico Gas Company at 888-664-2726 or a local community action agency to get more information.

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