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New Orleans water bill assistance.

Water and sewer bill assistance is available for low income and disadvantaged customers who live in New Orleans and the surrounding parish. All the money that is available comes from customers, so there is a limit to how many people can be helped. Scroll down to find information on how to apply for water bill assistance in the Orleans Parish area, as well as phone numbers for the programs.

The TCA is responsible for administering the program across the city and parish. The Water Help program is funded by donations, as well as matching grants from the regional Sewerage and Water Board.

In order to qualify for financial assistance from the Water Help Program, a number of conditions must be met. The grants are only for temporary support and to address a crisis. All funding is limited because it comes from donations from the community. This organization relies on money from customers, local businesses, and the government to continue functioning. If you donate to the program, you can deduct it from your taxes.

The customer must have received a 10-day disconnect notice and live in Orleans Parish to be eligible for assistance. This means that if your income is at or below a certain level, you may qualify for this type of loan. Other conditions for receiving aid include being 62 years old or disabled. This will need to be determined and verified by the Veterans Administration or the Social Security agency.

If you want to help out or contribute, you can send money to Total Community Action. You can give any amount you want. Every little bit counts when it comes to donations. Even if someone can only contribute a small amount, it can still make a difference when combined with what others give. Customers can either make a monthly contribution that recurs, or make one-time payments. When contributing money or requesting aid, always mention the Water Help Program.

When applying for financial aid from TCA, you must also provide proof that you are experiencing hardship. You have 10 days to pay your Sewerage and Water Board bill, or your service will be cut off. I would like to confirm that I am over the age of 18. I can provide a driver’s license or birth certificate as proof of age if necessary. The applicant must also bring proof of physical disability if under the age of 62 as well as full documentation of their income. This means that you are not able to use your account to its fullest potential.

If you need help and want to apply for assistance, you should go to the Total Community Action agency and talk to the Plan Administrator. They will help you figure out if you are eligible to receive assistance. The main office of the company is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. This location provides services to residents throughout the entire parish.

Other help is available if you need it, like payment plans and extensions. This program provides extra time for the household, but not money to help pay their bills. Customers with low incomes who cannot afford to pay for the New Orleans Water Help program may be given a payment plan. This can help them pay their energy bill and hopefully prevent their power from being shut off. This only provides temporary relief.

An installment plan is a payment plan that allows you to pay for something over a period of time. This option is only available to customers who have received a notice of delinquency. This type of support will have conditions and requirements that must be met in order to qualify.

If you are enrolled in this plan and you cannot pay the contract payment amount as well as your current monthly water and sewerage charges on time, you may be disconnected. All payments need to be made on time and by the due date.

If your water or sewer service has been disconnected, you will need to bring your account current, pay a deposit, and pay a meter removal/reset fee in order to have your utilities turned back on. Customer service representatives can provide more information about this process if it is needed. You will need to do all of this to get your water service back.

Phone number for assistance for water bill in New Orleans

To apply for the Water Help program or to learn about other financial assistance programs, call 504-872-0334.

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