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North Carolina utility bill and energy assistance programs.

How can I get help with paying utility and energy bills in North Carolina? There are many programs that can help low income and other qualified individuals. These organizations may have different eligibility requirements and application processes, but they can all help with utility bill payments in some way. There are many organizations that can help with utility bill payments, including utility companies themselves. These organizations may have different eligibility requirements and application processes, but they can all help with utility bill payments in some way.

The following are programs that offer assistance with energy and utility bills in North Carolina: -NC Low Income Energy Assistance Program (NC LIEAP) -Operation Warmth -Project SHARE -W.A.R.M. What are the phone numbers and specifics of the programs below? There are other ways to get help with electric bills if your power or utility company is not noted below.

Assistance from utility companies in North Carolina

Albemarle Electric Membership Corporation offers assistance to those in need through Operation RoundUp. The program is funded by customer donations, and money may be available to help individuals, families and organizations within the company’s service area. Money can be used for more than just utility bills. Examples of individual requests for help may include emergency heating or cooling system repair, medical care, or wheelchair purchase. The number to call is 1-800-215-9915.

The company runs a foundation called Cape Hatteras Electric. Some companies have money set aside that they can give to customers who are in a very difficult financial situation. Grants from the Cape Hatteras Electric Foundation may be used to help pay for humane needs such as shelter, rent, clothing, food, health care expenses, and emergencies. The most you can get from the grant is $1,000 per person per year. To apply for this program or to learn more about it, please call the number provided.

The Operation Roundup program is a program that provides funding for a foundation. The program is run by the Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative. If you are interested in receiving help, you need to fill out an application. Apply for help at your local county’s Social Services Department.

The Member Cares program from Central Electric Membership Corporation can help people with their heating bills, regardless of what kind of heating fuel they use. The money will be distributed by the local Department of Social Services in the respective county in North Carolina that is served by Central Electric. To speak with someone at the Department of Social Services, you can call 1-800-446-775 or 919-774-4900.

Dominion North Carolina Power operates a assistance program called EnergyShare, which provides financial assistance to eligible customers who are struggling to pay their energy bills. EnergyShare is funded by donations from Dominion customers and employees, as well as from the company itself. The resource is a fuel assistance program that helps eligible families and individuals pay for utility and home heating bills within the company’s service area. EnergyShare will pay for any type of heating that the homeowner uses, including oil, gas, kerosene, electricity, and wood. To speak to someone at the customer service number, call 866-366-4357.

The assistance program provides financial assistance to low-income, elderly, and ill customers in Dominion service territory. The grants may be available for all who are in a difficult financial situation because of an unexpected event, such as losing a job or having a family emergency. The money for the utility assistance program will go directly to the energy companies and/or vendors who provide service to the people who need help. To apply for help, contact your local community action agency.

Dominion North Carolina Power can set up payment plans for customers who are low-income or facing financial difficulties. These programs can help you pay your utility bills over time and prevent your service from being disconnected. This is another way for customers to pay their energy bills. Dominion North Carolina Power will continue to provide financial assistance.

Duke Energy offers several different assistance programs to help its customers with things such as energy bills. Some of the programs they offer are the following. The Share the Warmth program provides heating bill assistance to Duke Power customers who need help paying their energy bills. The program is funded by Duke Energy shareholders, Duke Power customers, and local businesses. The Share the Warmth program provides emergency or crisis funds that can be used to pay heating bills and costs, regardless of the applicant’s primary energy source.

Reach out to other organizations or your local community action agency. The Fan-Heat Relief Program may be able to provide free fans for seniors in the service territory. This service is designed to help those who may not be able to afford a fan or who may be struggling to stay cool during the summer months. The Cooling Assistance Program provides assistance to individuals during the summer to help pay for cooling and air conditioning bills. Duke Energy provides financial assistance to help customers with their energy bills. Customers can apply for assistance through the company’s website.

The Fayetteville Public Works Commission is responsible for the management of the “People Who Care” program. This program is for PWC customers who need help paying their electricity bills throughout the year, whether during the winter or summer. Funds can be used to assist area residents with their electricity bills. The Cumberland County Salvation Army helps low income and needy people by providing them with financial assistance. If you’d like to order something from the store, you can call 910-483-8119.

Four County Electric Membership Corporation has a program called Operation Round Up which provides emergency funds for necessities. There are many types of expenses that could be covered by aid, such as groceries, medical expenses, clothing, rent, shelter, prescription drugs, and medical and hospital care. Up to $2,000 can be awarded to help individuals and families who are facing difficult times. The three phone numbers listed are for Rose Hill, Elizabethtown, and Burgaw respectively. The first two numbers listed for each town are the local numbers, while the third number listed is the toll-free number.

Haywood Electric Membership Corporation is an electric cooperative that provides power to rural areas in North Carolina. The program was designed to help with things such as medical bills, mortgage payments, and other basic needs. An assistance program known as Helping Each Member Cope was created to help individuals or families that may be experiencing some type of hardship. The program was designed to help with things such as medical bills, mortgage payments, and other basic needs. Money can help people in North Carolina pay for energy costs or utility bills that may be caused by extreme weather conditions. The funds may also help those who have experienced a decrease in their overall household income, or who are dealing with unexpected crises or hardships that are out of their control. Call one of the following numbers: (828) 966-4215, 828-452-6620, or 828-452-6686.

Some families in North Carolina may need help paying for their heating bills during the winter. Some utility companies and the government may be able to help low income customers with the help they need. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services provides heating assistance to eligible residents through the Low Income Energy Assistance Program.

The Lumbee River Electric Membership Corporation has a program called LREMC Cares. A fund has been created from donations to help individuals or families in a short term crisis or emergency with paying their electric bill. The ultimate decision about what needs to be done in your local community should be made by the agencies that provide services to that community.

Recipients of assistance from LREMC can receive up to $150 in financial assistance once a year. of Social Services, Robeson: Cumberland County Department of Social Services Call the Scotland County Church & Community Services at 910-276-8330 for help, or the Hoke County Department of Social Services. In Cumberland County, contact the Cumberland County Department of Social Services. The social services number for Cumberland County is 910-875-8725. The number for Fayetteville Urban Ministry is 910-483-5944. The number for Robeson County Church & Community Services is 910-738-5204.

This non-profit organization is a partnership of the religious community, local churches, a gas and an electric utility company, the local United Way, and other agencies in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina that all work together to address utility bills, provide food, and help with other basic needs. The United Way and Mecklenburg County work together to provide most of the funding for the Ministry, which is then given to people who meet the requirements. Call the number 704-371-3000

Nashville Electric Service provides Project Help to those in need. This utility and electric bill assistance program provides emergency energy bill assistance to those who are struggling to pay it. Big Brothers of Nashville, Inc. runs Project Help. If you would like to know if you qualify for energy assistance or to get more information, please call 615-736-6900.

Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation offers a crisis program to help those in need. Both customer and local family donations will be used to help less fortunate customers during crisis or emergency situations. 336-694-4193 If you need to reach one of our offices, you can call the Roxboro office at 336-599-0151, the Hillsborough office at 919-732-2123, or the Caswell County office at 336-694-4193.

Piedmont Natural Gas – Share the Warmth is an assistance program that helps low income people with their gas bills. Different charities and non-profit agencies use customer donations and money from local businesses to give direct financial help and grants to people who have low incomes and use all types of energy, such as coal, natural gas, propane, heating oil, electricity, kerosene, and wood.

If you need help from a crisis program, please call Crisis Assistance Ministry at 704-371-3001, or your local government social services agency or community action agency. Piedmont Natural Gas offers a variety of assistance programs to help customers with their energy bills. These programs include energy assistance grants, weatherization assistance, and low-income discounts.

This fund helps customers with their energy bills. This utility company offers a fund to help customers with their energy bills. This program gives customers help with paying their heating and electric bills. To learn more about this opportunity, please call 919-508-5400 if you are located in the Raleigh, NC area, or 1-800-452-2777 if you are located outside of Raleigh.

Progress Energy provides extra money, grants, and programs to help with conservation. The government provides a few different types of assistance for low-income families, including the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and various charitable donations. If you need assistance from Progress Energy, you can contact them for help.

The Heat Care Fund provides financial assistance to Dominion / PSNC Energy customers who may be struggling to pay their energy bills. This program may be able to provide direct financial assistance and cash grants to those people in the area who are struggling to pay their heating bills. This assistance is available regardless of the type of fuel they use to heat their homes. The Salvation Army is the only organization that uses the money from the Heat Care Fund. The Salvation Army provides financial assistance to people in need living in Dominion – PSNC Energy’s service territory.

Dominion / PSNC Energy partners with local social services organizations in addition to the fund mentioned above. This means that PSNC may provide information about programs that can help with paying gas or other utility bills. The company can also direct low income customers to government resources, such as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Disponemos de una lista de programas de asistencia de PSNC Energy.

The Randolph Electric Membership Corporation has a program called People Helping People which provides assistance to people in need. To speak to a customer service representative, please call 1-800-672-8212. People who need help paying their bills and expenses may be able to get assistance from family or other sources.

The Round Up Program is a program where customers can choose to have their monthly bill rounded up to the nearest dollar. The extra money that is collected goes towards helping people in need and funding community projects. This refers to a system where people or businesses give money to support a cause or activity. The money raised can help families who are experiencing some form of crisis situation in the area where the company provides service. The company is based in Dobson, North Carolina and their telephone number is 800-682-5903. You can also pick up applications for employment at their office.

The Yadkin Electric Membership Corporation offers a program called the Round Up Program which may be able to help individuals and families who are facing a crisis or emergency situation. A crisis is a difficult or dangerous situation that happens suddenly. To learn more about how to apply for help, you can call either 800-682-5903 or 336-386-8241.

The Warmth for Wake assistance program may be able to help residents of Wake County. This resource provides economic and financial support to needy and low income families and individuals to help them pay heating costs and bills during the winter months. Please call 919-212-7083 or 1-800-662-7044 for Wake County Human Services.

Wake Electric is a utility company that has a program called Operation Round-Up. This program allows customers to round up their bill to the nearest dollar, with the extra money going to help those in need in the community. This could help families who live below the poverty line set by the government, and they could get help paying for their utility deposits and electric bills. You can get help with things like food and housing by going to your local county department of social services or community action agency. The company number is (919) 863-6300. This is the company’s phone number.

Government funded low income and energy bill help in NC

The North Carolina Energy Bill provides financial assistance for low income, elderly, and other qualified households to help with their energy costs. A variety of resources and services are available to help these families reduce their energy consumption and save money. Some of the services that are offered to help customers save energy and money include replacing existing lighting with energy efficient bulbs, sealing air leaks, caulking, and installing extra floor and attic insulation.

The North Carolina office is also involved in repairing and maintaining both cooling and heating systems. The North Carolina Office of Economic Opportunity provides assistance with energy and weatherization programs. To see if you are eligible for assistance, please call (919) 715-5850 or visit your local community action agency.

The government provides two main types of assistance for low-income families: the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which provides cash assistance as well as free grants, and weatherization. They provide financial assistance to help pay utility bills from LIEAP and also offer free energy conservation measures. In North Carolina, tens of thousands of residents get help with air conditioning, heating, and electric bills from state-funded resources. There are programs in North Carolina that can help low-income people with their energy bills. Click here for more information.

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