Assistance Program

Northern New Mexico and San Juan Catholic Charity assistance programs.

A variety of assistance programs are offered to people in northern Arizona and New Mexico by Catholic Charities. The organization also provides services to Native American villages, tribes and reservations in the region.

Churches and spiritual centers can be found in San Juan and other towns, including Pine Top. The leading organization in the region is White Mountain Catholic Charities. This organization partners with other non-profit agencies and churches to help meet basic needs.

Housing solutions are handled. The company has a recycling program for mobile homes. They restore them and give them away to a few local families each year. Catholic Charities partners with other local agencies in New Mexico and Arizona to provide housing and rental assistance. They have also obtained state and federal government contracts to make sure that people who need help or are about to be homeless can get the assistance they need. The objective is to stop homelessness.

More money may be available to help with things like utility bills, rent or mortgage payments, and food. Seniors often need help from these services. Case managers help people save money on energy by assessing their individual needs and helping them find ways to use less energy. They will provide people with information about how to conserve energy and give money to help upgrade homes. This means that while the organization may not actively turn people away, they may not be able to help everyone who needs assistance depending on how much money is available to them.

White Mountain Catholic Charities offers many programs, including programs for children, families, and seniors. Commercial Blvd. The office is located at 2019 E. Commercial Blvd. The address White Mountain Boulevard, Pine Top, Arizona 85935 refers to a specific location in the state of Arizona. This location is situated on White Mountain Boulevard in the town of Pine Top.

San Juan Catholic Charities has its own programs that are similar to the programs offered by other organizations. The center provides emergency financial assistance, Immigration Services, Counseling, and Group meetings for people who have been victims of domestic violence. The location also has a drop-in Center for persons who are homeless and it offers them a safe place to stay during the day as well as food. Mini-health fairs are events where people can go to get basic health care needs like physicals and screenings done. Also get referrals to non government programs and other programs in San Juan. 22nd St.: This is the address of a building on West 22nd Street. The address for the Farmington, NM Broadway location is 505-325-3734.

Catholic Charities partners with Good Shepherd Center. There are a variety of emergency services available to families in Arizona. This can include help with payments for a place to live, classes to improve English skills, free groceries, temporary shelter, classes to help earn a high school equivalency diploma, after school tutoring, a summer camp for children, counseling, and a food program for people who are low income or homeless. Transitional housing units are designed for people who are stranded and need a place to stay. These units usually have a kitchen and a place to sleep, and they may also provide other services like counseling and job training. The address for the post office in Holbrook, Arizona is: PO Box 41 Holbrook, Arizona 86025-0041 To reach the post office by phone, dial (928) 524-9720.

There is always a need for donations for Catholic Charity programs and other non-profits in the area. People can contribute to this cause at any time, even by using tax credits. To give examples of what a $400 tax credit provides, one could say that it pays for two months of rent, or four months of car payments, or eight months’ worth of utilities. The organization provides job training and counseling, food for a homeless family of four for a month, temporary help with rent or utility bills, shelter for a woman and her children escaping domestic violence, and clothing and mattresses. All of your contributions are able to be deducted from taxes and go towards helping those who are most vulnerable.

Catholic Charities provides assistance to those in need, regardless of their religion. This organization helps with things like food, clothing, and shelter. They also offer programs to help the working poor get back on their feet. Many Americans do not make enough money to pay for the basic needs and bills because unemployment is high in communities such as Apache and San Juan New Mexico. It is not possible to have enough money to cover all of one’s expenses. The organization also collaborates with other local entities including St. Vincent de Paul, Department of Economic Security, Salvation Army, and the American Red Cross as well as local churches. They are also partners in several food distribution centers in partnership with United Food, Grace Church, and others.

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