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Omaha Public Power District financial assistance programs.

The main recipients of Omaha Public Power District assistance programs are families with children, seniors, and disabled people. Many people receive help with paying their bills each year. Other people who live with little money may get help from programs that can make their utility and heating bills cheaper. The main services and programs from Omaha Public Power are: 1. Electricity 2. Natural gas 3. Water 4. Wastewater 5. Solid waste 6. Recycling 7. Street lighting 8. Traffic signals

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program may be able to help low income people and others with fixed incomes offset the cost of heating and cooling their homes. This means that organizations can apply for and receive funding from different sources, and use this money to cover their expenses. The assistance program can help with utility costs if you use propane, electricity, fuel oil, natural gas, coal, wood, or kerosene.

If someone is eligible for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, they might also be able to join energy conservation programs like weatherization. This is a free resource that can help people lower their heating and cooling expenses. It can help improve your home by installing free upgrades, such as insulation and caulking.

The Level Payment Plan is an option for customers of the Omaha Public Power District to pay the same amount each month. Your monthly electric service bill may be different each month because of how much electricity you use. This payment plan will help people budget their money by giving them a set monthly payment that will not change throughout the year.

Every year, OPPD projects a customer’s usage and estimated bill for the next 12 months. This projection is based on your past usage of your account. If you do not provide your new address, the average will be based on your past usage. The energy company will calculate your annual electric service bill, including tax. This will be the amount of your bill every month.

The Omaha Public Power District Energy Assistance Program can help low income families and people who are at risk pay for energy-related expenses and bills. Some examples of expenses that might be covered are emergency repairs to equipment, increased costs for cooling in the summer or heating in the winter. The West Central Development is in charge of the energy program and provides the funds to those who need it. They accept applications and distribute the money accordingly. This program is active all year long.

This OPPD program is entirely funded by donations and contributions from the community. Any money that is given to this organization as a donation can be taken as a tax write-off. Each year, on average, over 1000 households receive financial assistance.

There are many ways you can help the less fortunate if you can and want to donate. Please call 402-536-4131 or 1-877-536-4131 to donate by phone. Customers can make a donation or pledge online by completing the Energy Assistance Pledge form. There are other ways to donate or get financial help. More information can be found on the West Central Development and Omaha Power assistance program. This program provides financial assistance to eligible low-income residents in the form of grants and loans.

To get help from the EAP program or to get information about applying for cash grants or financial assistance, call 402-536-4131. The number to dial for a free call is (402) 444-6666. Spanish-speaking customers can schedule an appointment with OPPD by calling 402-343-7711. If you’re struggling to pay your Omaha Public Power District bills, you can try calling the United Way for help. They may be able to connect you with resources that can assist you with your finances.

The State of Nebraska may also have funds available to families who are at risk and income-qualified customers to help with energy costs. Households can also sign up for weatherization and savings programs. Applications can be made at the following metropolitan locations. The Omaha Public Power District is located in downtown Omaha, on the second floor of the Farnam Street building. There are also offices in Papillion, Midtown, North Omaha, and South Omaha. The phone number for the Omaha Public Power District is (402) 636-2000.

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