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Onondaga County free clothing closets, furniture and thrift stores.

If you are a family in need and live in Onondaga County, you can go to a clothing closet or furniture bank to get free or low cost goods. Some of the things you can get are clothes, diapers, furniture, winter attire, back to school supplies, and more. The locations often cooperate with thrift stores, or they might operate one of those centers themselves. There are many charities and non-profits in the Syracuse area that distribute food to those in need. They provide clothing, school uniforms, work attire, linens, furniture, and small appliances to eligible individuals.

A group of volunteers work at various clothing closets, many of which are located in the city of Syracuse. The staff at the support center not only offer support, they also often partner with county and city officials to coordinate support across Syracuse and the County. This can include things like referrals to benefits programs, emergency supplies from a thrift store, or other help during a disaster. They also work with local school districts to provide students with free school supplies, such as shoes, bookbags, backpacks, and other items. The Onondaga County Department of Social Services provides funding to furniture banks, which are organizations that collect and distribute furniture to people in need, free of charge.

There are a few times of the year that can be more challenging for low income families, such as the winter months or back to school season. New parents often struggle with the increased expenses that come with having a child. The centers may offer assistance with things such as school supplies, winter coats for children, diapers, or other goods for critical needs.

The First Baptist Church Clothing Ministry provides free personal hygiene items, gently used clothing, baby items such as cribs or diapers and more. The address is 30 Clinton Street, Jordan, New York and the phone number is 315-689-6560.

The Onondaga County Department of Social Services provides a clothing closet for interns or job seekers. This is for people who are in job training or going on an interview. There are also educational opportunities available, such as taking the GED test. There are also free educational and school supply assistance programs for their kids. The Jobs Plus! program is run from DSS at 677 South Salina Street. To reach someone by phone, dial 315-442-3242. More information about public assistance in Onondaga County can be found online.

The Westvale Seventh Day Adventist Church in Syracuse, NY hands out coupons or vouchers to the needy on a quarterly basis.

The Grace Episcopal Church provides free clothes, food, and other programs to those in need.

The store also has a food bank where people can get free food. The Hopps Memorial CME Church has a thrift store that sells furniture, clothing, kitchen utensils, and small appliances at a low cost. The store also has a food bank where people can get free food. There will also be shoes, belts, work attire, and more available.

The Agape Shop located at Saint Lucy’s Church on 432 Gifford Street in Syracuse, NY 315-446-4390 sells furniture such as beds, tables, couches, and more to income qualified low income families or single parents at a discounted price or for free.

The Outreach Program from the charity provides donated clothing, dishes, cribs for new moms, linens and small appliances to people in need in Onondaga County. There are blankets available for the homeless people too.

Mary’s Pantry is a place where people can go to get clothes. They are located on 429 Beechwood Avenue in Liverpool, New York. Their phone number is 315-579-8053. This non-profit has a variety of resources available, including information, school supplies, clothing, and referrals.

The Camillus First Baptist Church has a store that sells nearly new items. The store is located at 23 West Genesee Street in Camillus, New York. The phone number for the store is 315-672-5215.

The Salvation Army of Onondaga County runs an annual program called Coats for Kids. This program provides coats for kids in need from November to 30 of each year. If you are in need of a coat, please contact The Salvation Army at 315-475-1688. The company also operates low-cost thrift shops. A season school supply program provides students with the necessary supplies for the school year, such as pens, pencils, notebooks, and book bags. In addition, the program also offers free clothes to students. The Salvation Army in Onondaga County is a religious organization that helps people in need. They provide food, clothing, and other necessities to people who are struggling. They also offer spiritual guidance and support.

The University United Methodist Church provides clothing and school supplies to the community through its partnership with PEACE community action. Other services include teaching people how to budget, giving them advice about credit, and providing general counseling.

PEACE Community Action helps low income people regain stability. This means that there are supplies for school and items like clothes and furniture that are free to take. There may also be opportunities for financial assistance through grants and job programs. The Onondaga County Community Action Agency is a government-funded organization that provides social and economic assistance to low-income residents of the county. The agency offers a variety of services, including housing and utility assistance, job training and placement, and child care.

The Trading Post clothing closet at Huntington Family Centers has free items for anyone in need. The center is located at 405 Gifford Street in Syracuse, New York, and the business line to call is 315-476-3157.

New Hope Family Services is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and support for new and expecting families in Onondaga County, New York. Services include pregnancy and parenting education, material assistance, and referrals to community resources. There is a wide range of baby-related products that parents may need to purchase, including things like maternity clothes, diapers, car seats, and baby clothes. Furniture is also often a necessary purchase for parents of young children.

The Syracuse Model Neighborhood Facility / Southwest Community Center is a place where people can go to get free coats, hats, and winter boots. The main phone number for the center is 315-671-5802.

The Birthright of Onondaga County is a non-profit organization that provides support for pregnant women and new mothers. They offer items like clothes, diapers, and formula to help with the costs of raising a child. They also provide counseling and support groups to help mothers through the challenges of parenting. Parents in need are given free diapers, baby supplies, maternity clothes, and other necessary goods.

They help with job readiness and computer skills. The Women’s Opportunity Center is a place that helps women, especially single moms, with things like finding a job and improving their computer skills. The goal is to provide assistance, including clothing and transportation, to help people escape poverty.

The Rescue Mission has donation distribution centers in East Syracuse, Westvale, and Liverpool. Low cost goods are sold at these locations. Cicero residents can call 315-699-8091 for the Valley Shop. There are many things you can buy at a store, such as shoes, books, laptops, school supplies, kitchen utensils, furniture, and more.

The address and phone number for Exodus 3 Ministries in Syracuse, New York is: Exodus 3 Ministries 301-315 North Geddes Street Syracuse, New York 13204 Women can dial 315-299-7153

The Fabius-Pompey Outreach provides emergency clothing, transportation to medical appointments, referrals, grants to pay for items lost in a disaster, scholarships, and shoes for school for those in need. Client Services can be reached at 315-682-6332.

The American Red Cross of Central New York only provides assistance during a disaster. Call the number 315-234-2200

The Female Charitable Society of Baldwinsville offers medical equipment for loan to those in need. This includes items such as commodes, wheelchairs, hospital beds/mattresses, and walkers. Some clothing may also be available. This is a form of furniture bank that also provides medical supplies. All applicants need to reside in the Baldwinsville School District.

The Clothing Closet is a place where low income families can go to get help. They provide clothing and other items to families in need. You can contact them at 315-471-1678. A Shoppers Club will allow clients to save clothing, such as winter coats, that they need.

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