Assistance Program

Orangeburg County South Carolina Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in Orangeburg County South Carolina helps people in need to get back on track. They will try to help out in an emergency situation only once. The Salvation Army will help those who are less fortunate with food, presents, or money for bills in Orangeburg.

The charity is a church-based group that helps people of all religions. The Salvation Army is an organization that helps people in need, regardless of their age, religion, or marital status. There is no discrimination in the assistance given to immigrants and the unemployed.

One key service of the Orangeburg County Salvation Army is to help individuals and families in need within the community. This is done for all types of people. You can learn about job placement services or sign up for workshops on budgeting. Here, adults can learn from each other about how to overcome different challenges they may be facing.

Kids from the ‘hood can get involved too. Often, it is better to help children so they can start off correctly. People who want to help others in Orangeburg County, South Carolina can become mentors. The Salvation Army will provide meals for those in need during the summer. This other important assistance program will help by giving free clothes, school supplies, and uniforms to students who need them. This will help them feel more confident when they go back to school.

Housing assistance is a type of government aid that helps people with housing costs. There are emergency shelters in nearby counties in South Carolina. The Salvation Army can help the homeless by giving them a place to stay. This is only a short-term solution, but while at the shelter, guests can learn about more long-term options. The goal is to also find a permanent housing placement.

The shelter will also provide the individual with a free meal and personal hygiene items. They can use the other resources that are available to them. The social worker will help the client with case management and finding a job. If the homelessness is caused by issues such as drug or alcohol abuse, or domestic violence, other referrals are given.

The social service program at the Orangeburg County Salvation Army may be able to provide financial assistance. Some funds may be available to help with expenses such as electric or light bills, rent, or medical needs such as prescriptions. The client is more likely to get a referral or a free box of food. This department provides assistance for essential short-term needs, like rent, work clothes, and gas.

At Christmastime and during Thanksgiving, in addition to bell ringers collecting money from donations, there are also special services offered. The programs offered by the organization include free turkey meals and Christmas toys for children. Some people who may need extra help during the holidays are the disabled, homeless, and those who are confined to their homes.

The Salvation Army Family Store is another way that churches raise money and collect donations. This store sells many items, but they are all gently used. This is the address: 1047 Broughton Street, Orangeburg, South Carolina 29115. The Family Store can be reached at 803-534-0785, but it does not provide any financial assistance.

The social service department of the Orangeburg Corps is located at 813 Nottingham St., Orangeburg, SC, 29115. This is where emergency assistance and other resources are offered. To reach someone for help, dial 803-534-6806.

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