Rent Assistance

Oregon rental assistance.

The state of Oregon provides emergency rental assistance for seniors and people who are at risk of eviction. There are some things that are not available to everyone. There are two programs that can help with rent: the Oregon Low Income Rental Housing Assistance Program, and the Elderly Rental Assistance Program. Both options can help families with low incomes, people who are facing a crisis, and others who may have an eviction notice.

If your family has been served an eviction notice, you may be eligible to receive money from the Oregon Low Income Rental Housing Assistance Program. This program is designed to help families with children who are struggling to pay their rent. Cash grants and funds are given to low income families and struggling individuals who are about to be evicted from their homes because of a financial crisis that is out of their control. The program is as follows:

The aim is to stop people from becoming homeless and to help those who are already homeless. The program provides cash grants and short-term rental assistance to very-low-income households. The fund is designed to help families who are in danger of losing their rental units due to involuntary hardship, an unexpected emergency, or homelessness.

The program is funded by the Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS). They closely partner with local community action agencies and government housing authorities across the state. In order to be eligible for financial assistance, you must meet certain requirements. They may include some or all of the following.

The qualifying household’s income for the Oregon Rental Housing Assistance Program cannot exceed a set average income for the state. There are also some guidelines about how many people can live in one household and how many kids can be in the residence. In order to be eligible for this program, the applicant must have a plan for how they will become financially independent.

If you are eligible for assistance, you may be able to receive a grant from the Low Income Rental Housing Fund to help pay for up to six months of monthly rental expenses.

Details on Oregon Low Income Rental Housing Assistance Program application process

To apply, you will need to call your local community action agency. There are offices in many populated areas throughout the state. If a household is in danger of losing their rental unit due to an involuntary financial hardship, they may qualify for an emergency cash grant. A financial hardship is a difficult situation that causes someone to struggle to pay their bills or live comfortably. Hardships can be caused by many things, including job loss, medical problems, and natural disasters. If a family is struggling with eviction or homelessness, they may be able to get help from a grant to pay their rent. This assistance is available if the family can use resources from their community or from non-profit organizations.

The key is that participants must be able to become self-sufficient within six months. The program is not intended to be a never-ending charity resource. Some of the things that might help the household during this six months window include job training, physical therapy, counseling or rehabilitation.

The result of the partnership with community action agencies across Oregon is that grant funds may be combined with other funding or housing sources. Different methods are tried to give extra housing help to needy families in the area.

The best way to get help or to learn about resources and services available in your area is to contact your local community action agency. There may be additional emergency rental assistance available in Oregon. You can check with your local government or housing authority to see if there are any programs that can help you.

Oregon Elderly Rental Assistance Program

This is another option that is available to families that meet the qualifications. If you are over 58 years old and have a low income, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the Elderly Rental Assistance (ERA) program. The resource was created for low-income senior citizens as well as people age 58 or older who do not own their home. This is more likely to happen as people get older.

The Oregon ERA program provides rental assistance to eligible low-income households. Eligibility is determined by household income, assets, and the amount of rent, fuel, and utilities paid. To be eligible for help, the property you rent must be subject to property tax, the applicant must meet low income standards, and you must meet age requirements. To find out more information, contact your local community action agency.

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