Assistance Program

Orland assistance programs.

General assistance helps with rent and other bills

Almost $400,000 will be added to the general assistance fund. This fund provides financial assistance to those struggling in the current economic environment, as well as support to the poor and seniors. Orland can also help pay for emergency bills for qualified residents.

This year, more and different types of assistance are being offered. There are many newly added categories of aid that are being offered to low income and struggling individuals, such as job training, eviction prevention and mortgage assistance. These new programs will help the township get assistance to more people than before.

There are a number of programs that provide assistance to people in emergency or low-income situations. These programs are typically known as “general assistance” programs. Orland township provides a number of services for people in need, including shelter, free food, emergency relief, and LIHEAP assistance, until they are able to support themselves. Food banks in the town can provide canned goods, holiday meals and other aid to children and those who need a meal.

Some other important services that the Orland Township Government offers are to seniors, low income people, and the working poor. This can include things such as programs for seniors, health services, youth programs, assistance for people with disabilities, maintaining cemeteries, and providing section 8 housing vouchers.

Orland Township offers health care and wellness services. This means that if you are a child, or do not have insurance, and need a physical for something like sports or school, you can choose a doctor. Dentists in the town can offer free or reduced-cost screenings, cleanings, and x-rays to those who do not have dental insurance. You should visit an ophthalmologist or optometrist for a vision examination. A podiatrist can help with foot-related problems and a chiropractor can help with back-related issues. The Township offers free immunization clinics monthly for people of all ages, from infants as young as 1 month of age to seniors. Flu shots are typically given during the winter season. Orland Township Health Services helps people in the township by providing medical assistance and related services. They will focus on offering wellness, preventive health care and health education to those who don’t have access to these resources. Many doctors, nurses, and medical professionals work in the town.

The seniors can get help with anything they need. Some of the assistance available to help pay for health insurance includes the federal government and state of Illinois Senior Health Insurance Program. This provides assistance to seniors and the elderly in need of help with Medicare claims, bills and statements. The program can help you with Medicare Part D, which is prescription drug coverage.

Home repairs may be available as well. Many seniors have difficulty finding a dependable handyman to do repairs. It can be difficult to find someone who is dependable, does the job well, arrives on time, and charges a fair price. The seniors in Orland Illinois want a reliable person who will do the job right and finish the project on time. A new program has been created which will allow for qualified and professional handymen to take care of minor home safety and repair needs.

Income tax services can be provided. Volunteers working with Orland Township help with state of Illinois and federal income tax forms. The VITA program is a free tax preparation service for low-income individuals and seniors. The tax preparers are volunteers who have been trained through PLOWS Council on Aging as well as the AARP. They help low-income and elderly residents with their taxes. All returns can be filed for free.

To learn more about these Orland programs, including general assistance, you can call the town at 1 708-403-4222.

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