Ottawa County Ohio food banks and pantries.

If you need food, clothing, or Christmas gifts, the food pantries in Ottawa County Ohio are a great resource. Each non-profit has a set of guidelines that they follow in order to decide if a family is eligible for assistance. Some of the factors that they take into account are the family’s income, need, and other factors. Many food pantries only have limited hours and days of operation each month.

A family who is eligible for help will be given food to help them through a crisis, as well as other support. If an applicant needs items for personal hygiene, or Christmas gifts or meals for their child, then this may be arranged. To get information on how to apply for WIC vouchers or food stamps, you can contact your local WIC office or your state’s food stamp office. While there are no guarantees that you will receive help, the Ottawa County locations will do their best to satisfy your request.

The food pantry is located at 9501 Jerusalem Road in Curtice, Ohio. The main phone number for the food pantry is (419) 836-1210. The food pantry is only for residents of the local town.

The food pantry at Grace Lutheran Church can offer free meals, boxes of food, clothing (including winter attire) and even Meals on Wheels for the homebound, regardless of religion or faith. For hours, dial (419) 862-3630.

The food bank at Christ Community Church in Genoa, Ohio, has limited service hours and a restricted service area.

St Thomas More University Parish provides groceries, frozen food, and other necessities to families in need.

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Church of Truth Ministries is located in Gypsum, OH and provides services to senior citizens in Wood County. There may be free food boxes or home delivery of meals for seniors. Other assistance may be getting a ride to a doctor’s appointment or having someone to eat Christmas dinner with.

Seed Faith Missions and Food Pantry is a place where people in need can go to get food. They are located at 947 South Lake Street in Gypsum, Ohio and their phone number is (419) 732-2399.

The B G Christian Food Pantry is a food bank that provides emergency food for those in need. They are located at 541 W Wooster St in Bowling Green, OH and can be reached at (419) 353-5174. This means that families who are struggling to get by will be given a Thanksgiving meal consisting of fresh, perishable goods.

St Thomas More University Parish (Bowling Green, OH) is a Catholic community dedicated to serving the students of Bowling Green State University.

The Toledo Food Pantry and the Oak Harbor Alliance Chapel offer a mobile food pantry which distributes food to those in need.

The Oak Harbor Alliance Chapel is a church located at 11805 State Route 105 in Oak Harbor, Ohio.

The Oak Harbor Food Pantry is a church-run organization that provides food assistance to residents of Oak Harbor, Ohio and the surrounding area. They can be contacted at (419) 898-0852 for information on how to receive assistance.

Oak House is a center that focuses on helping those with disabilities and mental illnesses. They are located in Port Clinton, Ohio, and their hours can be found by calling (419) 734-4417. The organization provides food, clothing, job programs, and other support as needed, including helping people apply for government assistance programs like SSI or food stamps.

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The United Way is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to people in need. They are located at 1854 East Perry Street in Suite 300 in Port Clinton, Ohio. Their telephone number is (419) 734-6645. They only provide referrals and do not give direct assistance. The United Way can help connect families to resources they might need, like government financial aid programs, charity run soup kitchens, or school supply programs.

Families in Ottawa County with low to moderate incomes can call 419.242.5000 for information about other emergency food programs. If someone is struggling with hunger, there are other services that can help them in the long term.

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