Pasadena Water and Power assistance programs.

The Pasadena Water and Power company may sometimes offer customers extra time to pay their bills. The company offers qualified low income and struggling customers a few different programs, including discounts. This means that if you are having a hard time financially, the company may be able to help you out by giving you a break on your bill. Individuals can also get help from the government to pay their energy bills.

Pasadena Cares can provide discounts for certain products or services. This will give you a maximum credit of $7.50 per month on your account. Different applicants will have to meet different income levels. If they are able to do so, then certain charges will be waived for them. In order to be eligible for this program, the applicant must be a senior citizen or have a disability.

Project A.P.P.L.E. provides direct financial aid to people in Pasadena who have emergencies. The energy company can give you a onetime cash gift of up to $100 a year. This money is for people who are poor and working but still qualify for income. The money will help them keep their electricity on during a crisis. Project APPLE can help a number of people. The recipient of this aid may be someone who is struggling with a disability, a single-parent family with young children, the unemployed, or a senior citizen who is barely getting by on a small Social Security payment.

Low-income customers of Pasadena Water and Power who are at risk of having their service shut off can apply for a Project APPLE grant Monday through Friday. Fair Oaks Ave.We accept applications at the Jackie Robinson Center, which is located at 1020 N. Fair Oaks Ave. is a short street. Fair Oaks Ave. is a short street. You will need to show evidence of your income, ID, and an overdue PWP bill to apply. Be sure to bring the shut-off notice that first showed that you were behind on payments. To provide further evidence

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If you are eligible for aid, you will be approved on the spot. The City of Pasadena will provide each participant with a voucher that can be used to pay for municipal services at Pasadena City Hall. This will be used to pay for their monthly utility bill. For more information, please call (626) 744-7300.

Project A.P.P.L.E. needs money from kind people to keep going. The local businesses and customers have contributed to make this program possible. We realize that difficult situations, like losing a job or having a medical problem, can happen to anyone at any time. If you are able to make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated. The money donated is tax-deductible. Many families with children, seniors, and people who are facing a difficult time have received financial assistance from this organization.

Cares and Cares Plus are two other options. This means that you will receive a small discount or credit on your account. There are certain conditions that must be met in order for something to happen. Applicants need to be at least age 62 or older or have a permanent disability to qualify for Cares or Cares Plus. In order to qualify for Supplemental Income for the Aged, Blind and Disabled, customers must meet the requirements set by the federal government Social Security Administration. If you are applying as a permanently disabled individual, then you need to submit a printout from the Social Security Administration Office that proves this.

Pasadena Water and Power also offers a Medical Assistance Program to help customers with medical needs. This is for customers in California with a condition that has been approved by a medical professional. The applicant needs a note from their medical professional or doctor on letterhead describing the home equipment they need. Your equipment must also be plugged into an outlet and not rely on batteries. This means that PWP will only pay for damage that occurs under specific conditions and with specific equipment.

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How to apply for resources or assistance

The customer service number is 626-744-4005. The website provides information on payment plans and programs to prevent customers from being disconnected due to non-payment.

Pasadena Water and Power may offer other bill payment assistance programs in partnership with community action agencies. They can include programs like LIHEAP or weatherization. Most of these programs cannot be applied for online. If you need help paying for gas, you can call 800-427-2200 for possible solutions.

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