Philadelphia short term, low income housing and homeless shelters.

There are a number of transitional housing programs, shelters, and other assistance programs offered to families in Philadelphia who were evicted or who are currently homeless. Some of the non-profits can even provide emergency rental assistance to help people pay their rent so they don’t get evicted. Organizations can focus on helping women, children, or seniors. There are many non-profit organizations that help with housing in Philadelphia. Some of the leading organizations are: 1. Philadelphia Housing Authority- provides safe and affordable housing to low-income residents 2. Habitat for Humanity- helps build and repair homes for people in need 3. Catholic Social Services- offers housing assistance and other services to low-income residents 4. Lutheran Settlement House- provides affordable housing and other services to low-income residents 5. Covenant House- offers housing and other services to homeless and at-risk youth

The locations will offer the homeless case management type services in addition to helping people find a place to stay for a short period of time. This will often involve working with a social worker to find a job and also locate safe, affordable, low income housing and apartments in the Philadelphia County region. Most of the services provided are free of charge to eligible clients and there are no fees involved.

For more information on government programs or non-profits, call and apply. There is usually a formal process in place for applying for and being accepted into more permanent housing, like an apartment.

Friends Rehabilitation Program is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide affordable housing to low income individuals and families. The organization has a main location on Girard Avenue in Philadelphia and provides rental assistance and low income housing to qualified households.

The non-profit Liberty Resources Inc. provides housing advocacy, resources and free housing counseling at 714 Market St Suite 100 in Philadelphia, PA.

Broad Street Philadelphia, PA The Philadelphia Housing Authority is a government organization that provides housing for low-income residents of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Authority owns and manages several housing developments throughout the city, and provides subsidies for residents to help with rent payments. The Philadelphia Office of Emergency Shelters and Services is located at 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19103. The main number is (215) 684-4379. People in need of shelter or government subsidized housing or apartments can call this number for assistance. They also manage the section 8 housing voucher program in the county. These types of housing were created to help those who may not be able to afford housing or may not have access to safe and decent housing options. This can include the elderly, disabled, or families with low incomes. The Philadelphia Housing Authority is a government organization that provides housing for low-income residents of the city. The authority owns and manages several housing developments throughout Philadelphia, and provides assistance to residents in finding and maintaining affordable housing.

This non-profit provides housing for income qualified seniors in partnership with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The apartments and homes are listed below. 1531 West Tioga Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19140, (215) 225-9544 25 North 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19106, (215) 627-9538 One Hillcrest Avenue, Morrisville, PA, 19067, (215) 295-8696 18 West Chelten Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19144, call (215) 438-9779 2000 Joshua Road, Lafayette Hill, PA, 19444, dial (610) 834-1001 North 23rd Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19103, main number is (215) 563-6200 2000 South 58th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19143, call (215) 726-3232 Ext: 158 1401 South 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19146, dial (215) 551-1395 2000 South 58th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19143, (215) 689-0518 2000 South 58th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19143, main number is (215) 726-3232 Ext: 158 501 Jackson Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19148, (215) 599-0445

The Public Health Management Corporation, also known as H.E.L.P. – Philadelphia, is a government organization that provides shelter, low-income housing, and transitional apartments for homeless families. If you meet the requirements, you may be able to live in a townhouse permanently. This is for people who have low incomes or who are poor and work. Individuals will need to enroll in a program that will help them become self-sufficient and independent.

The Abramson Center for Jewish Life is a community center that offers a variety of programs and services for Jewish people of all ages. The center is located at 1450 Horsham Road in North Wales, Pennsylvania, and can be reached by phone at (215) 371-3605.

L. is a private company specialized in the design, development, manufacture and commercialization of products based on technological innovation. AchieveAbility21 S.L. is a private company that specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing, and commercializing products that are based on technological innovation. They also provide an array of referrals and resources to families and individuals.The organization offers a place to stay for a short time as well as help to become self-sufficient and do better in school. They also provide information and help with things that families and individuals may need.

The Housing Advocacy Project will help people who are facing eviction or homelessness by providing them with free legal aid. The organization will also help HIV/AIDs patients find housing that is both secure and affordable.

Hunting Park Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19140 The Arc of Philadelphia is a nonprofit organization that provides services and support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. This is the address and phone number for the intake center in Philadelphia.

This agency provides housing assistance and related services, such as shelter. All three of these options are available: case management, job training, and life skills.

Casa Farnese Senior Apartments is a housing complex located on Lombard Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It consists of one building with suites for residents. The main number for the complex is (215) 735-3858.

Located in Philadelphia, Catholic Social Services provides housing assistance to those who are homeless or have been evicted. They can be reached at (267) 331-2500. The government offers financial assistance to low-income individuals and families to help pay rent and energy bills, in order to prevent them from becoming homeless. Some funds can help with a mortgage payment.

Columbia Ave. The Christian Transitional Services organization is based at 2813 W. Columbia Ave. Master Street P.O. Box 8191Philadelphia, PA, 19121(215) 236-2781The non-profit provides shelter and services to homeless individuals in Philadelphia County. The organization offers temporary housing and access to resources that can help people get back on their feet, such as job training and financial assistance.

Broad St. Suite 208, Lansdale, PA 19446 The BCS YES! Youth Empowered to Succeed Emergency Shelter and Residential Care provides several units in the community that help youth succeed. They have locations in Valley Forge and Lansdale, and can be contacted at (610) 879-1440. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19148 The address for the company is Fourth Avenue, Royersford, Pennsylvania, 19468. The phone number for the company is (610) 879-1440 Ext: 119 2240 S. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19148. 48th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19139, phone (610) 879-1440 Ext: 119 The number to reach the Philadelphia office of the Pennsylvania State Department of Human Services is (610) 879-1440 Ext: 119. The office is located at 71st Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19142. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19145, (215) 204-0400 The first address is 49th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19139, and the phone number is (610) 879-1440 Ext: 119. The second address is 3700 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19104, and the main phone number is (610) 879-1440 Ext: 119. The third address is 2240 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19145, and the phone number is (215) 204-0400. The address is 71st Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19142, and the phone number is (610) 879-1440 Ext: 119.

Bethesda Project, Inc. is a organization that provides housing services in partnership with Trinity Memorial Church, Gateway Services Center, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, and Old First Reformed Church. They also have a cold weather shelter and work with a place known as Our Brothers’ Place.

Mercy Hospice is a Catholic organization that provides social services to women with young children. They offer help with things like parenting, job training, and other support. You can call them at (215) 790-7540 for more information or to get started with their services.

Covenant House Pennsylvania is a non-profit organization that helps young people who are experiencing homelessness. They provide shelter, food, and other necessary resources to help those in need.

teesdale Ave. The Darlene Morris Emergency Shelter is a homeless shelter located at 616 N. Teesdale Ave. in Los Angeles, California. The main number for 43rd Street in Philadelphia, PA is (215) 222-3359.

The Episcopal Community Services shelter provides a safe place for homeless women and their children to stay, as well as offering them services to help them get back on their feet. The program will try to help people who are homeless by providing case management, rent help, and other support. 41st Street. Another place is 225 S. 41st Street. 3rd Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the address for the Telephone: (215) 351-1400.

The Germantown Y, Section 8, and Pennfree Programs offer rent, meals, and personal hygiene services to residents in the Philadelphia area.

The Good Shepherd shelter is located at 1225 Race Street in Philadelphia, PA. The phone number for the shelter is (215) 569-1101.

The Joshua Achievement Center is a rehabilitation center located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It offers services to help people with disabilities achieve their goals. To learn more about the services offered, or to make an appointment, please call (215) 765-2209 Ext: 1.

This is a place where people who have been hurt by people they know can stay with their kids. This building will be a temporary home for up to 30 days for people in need. This is a confidential address. Please call (800) 642-3150 for intake and information.

The Lutheran Settlement House is located at 1340 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia, PA. It provides services to the community including a food pantry, clothing closet, and community events. The Settlement House is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

The Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania provides housing and shelter for homeless people with severe mental illnesses. This location is at 1305 Oak Lane Avenue in Philadelphia, and their phone number is (215) 276-3300. The organization has been helpful in assisting those who have no other options and have been turned away from other programs. The organization has been a great help to people who have nowhere else to go and have been rejected by other programs.

Norristown Ministries Hospitality Center is a place where people can go to get help. They have a first floor, and they are located in Norristown, PA. You can call them at (610) 277-1321.

The Northwest/East Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network provides eviction prevention services, which may include emergency rental assistance. They help families who are struggling and don’t have a place to live.

Transitional housing, living facilities, and other resources are available for women with children at Overington House, Inc. on 1528 Overington Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124. The phone number is (215) 535-7680.

ESA provides one-time financial assistance to eligible low-income households who are experiencing a housing crisis and are in danger of becoming homeless or have recently become homeless. This program is designed to help families quickly move into safe, stable housing and to prevent them from becoming homeless in the first place. The agency helps people who are about to become homeless or are at risk of being kicked out of their homes. The ESA may give you money to help pay for rent or your mortgage so you don’t get thrown out of your home. The organization can help with finding and obtaining permanent housing or a homeless shelter. There is more focus on preventing homelessness and quickly rehousing people who are homeless in Philadelphia.

12th St. The People’s Emergency Center is located at325 N. 12th St. 39th Street is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the zip code is 19104. The phone number is (215) 382-7522.

Broad Street, Suite 501, Philadelphia, PA 19130 The Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness is an organization that works to reduce and prevent homelessness in Philadelphia. They do this by working with government officials, service providers, and other organizations to create and implement programs and policies that address the causes and effects of homelessness. The Broad Street P.O. Box 15010 will help people get reestablished in Philadelphia, PA, 19130 (215) 232-2300. I will work with specialists who can help me find a permanent place to live, a job, and other services that can help me stabilize my life. What are some free assistance programs that can help me with food or shelter?

This is a federal government subsidized apartment complex for seniors that meets HUD income requirements. Social workers help people in many different ways. They can offer programs and counseling to help people improve their lives.

Services are provided to guests with the goal of helping them become self-sufficient and move into permanent housing. The Salvation Army Eliza Shirley House in Philadelphia provides emergency shelter for homeless families and single women. They offer services to help their guests become self-sufficient and move into permanent housing. For more information, you can call them at (215) 568-5111. The Department of Homeless Services also manages the Office of Emergency Shelter and Services, which provides funding for emergency shelters.

The company Self, Inc. has two locations. The main address is 1425 Arch Street 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA, 19102. The other location is 6901 Woodland Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19142. The phone number for the main address is (215) 496-9610 and the phone number for the other location is (215) 724-2948.

Emmaus Ave, Allentown, PA The South Lehigh Action Council is a community organization located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The organization works to improve the quality of life for residents of the South Lehigh community through advocacy, education, and community involvement. Will help keep people off the streets and in their homes by providing resources and referrals for low income families.

It also provides meals, showers, and clothing to individuals in need. The Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission provides up to 180 emergency beds for men every night, as well as meals, showers, and clothing to individuals in need. There are 20 extra cots available if needed. Other services that are available for up to 40 men will help them with getting a job as well as addiction recovery. The Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission provides meals to women and men in Philadelphia.

Broad St, Philadelphia, PA Travelers Aid Family Services of Philadelphia is a location where people can go for help. It is located at 111 N. Broad St, Philadelphia, PA. They also have an early learning center for children from birth to five years old. The mission of the organization is to help the homeless and struggling families in the Philadelphia area.

Trevor is raising money to help the homeless in Philadelphia. If you would like to donate, his address is 1624 Poplar Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19130. His phone number is (215) 236-4660.

The address for VisionQuest is 352 Marshallton-Thorndale Road in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

7th St. The Whosoever Gospel Mission and Rescue Home Association is a Christian organization that provides housing and services to people in need. O. box is located in the Philadelphia post office. The Chelten Avenue P.O. box is located in the Philadelphia post office. K This is acceptable. The program will provide them with housing, food, and clothing, as well as job training and job placement services. The program is located at 48308 Philadelphia, PA, 19144. You can reach them at (215) 438-3094 Ext: 109. The New Life Rehabilitation & Job Readiness Program is a program located in Philadelphia, PA that helps homeless men find a place to live and a job. The program provides them with housing, food, and clothing, as well as job training and job placement services. You can reach them at (215) 438-3094 Ext: 109. All of the services and assistance that we offer is completely free of charge.

Main St. Youth Service, Inc. is a company that helps youth in need. They are located at 410 N. Main St. It is located on 34th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and can be contacted at (215) 222-3262.

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