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Placer County Catholic Charities assistance programs.

There are a few basic needs that can be met by the Catholic Charities based in Placer County. With both private and public funds, families who are in a crisis can get things like food and applications for public benefits, like emergency solution grants or USDA commodities. The churches that partner with the agency will also help direct clients to various job training programs in the Capital region. Job training can help people overcome any barriers to self-sufficiency.

If a family is facing hunger and has no other options, emergency food may be provided. There are food pantries that people can go to for help, as well as programs like CalFresh and WIC that can provide food assistance. This means that the money is not being saved for long-term goals.

In some situations, long-term food assistance is available. This is more focused on households with dependent members. The federal government has set guidelines for this type of support for USDA commodities. If you qualify for food stamps, you will receive applications for food assistance a few times a month. This assistance will help you to get nutritionally-balanced groceries.

The Placer County Catholic Charities non-profit organization depends on monetary donations, food drives, and partnerships with other entities such as Feeding America. These groups help the organization in many ways. They may give the churches food that would otherwise go to waste from grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants, and catering companies, among other locations. Feeding America provides people in need with non-perishable food items as well as advice on how to most effectively help those who are struggling.

There are also Christmas programs that provide free meals or allow people to “adopt a family” and provide them with presents. Children and adults are then paired with families based on interests, needs and personalities. How does the agency determine which families will adopt which children or adults? The agency looks at the lower income families and individuals and tries to match them up with children or adults who have similar interests, needs, and personalities. This program relies on businesses, schools, organizations, and individuals in Placer County to help support it. Catholic Charities pairs donors with needy families or individuals during holiday programs. Donors can purchase presents or food baskets for their assigned family or individual. Many children would go without Christmas gifts if not for this service.

If you’re in Placer County and struggling to make ends meet, Catholic Charities may be able to help you out financially. The non-profit will help people with expenses related to eviction or health risks using donations and government grants such as ESG. There may be money available to help pay for utility bills (including water, electricity and natural gas) and with shelter costs. There may be grants available to help with rent, move-in costs, or even mortgage payments.

Case managers examine each client’s individual circumstances. The results of this will help them provide the individual with the support needed to meet future needs. Catholic Charities may also assist with food, clothing, household items, and furniture.

If you need help with educational or job-related expenses, such as paying for a GED or gas money for a job interview, you may be able to get assistance from the government. Catholic Charities will do its best to help with the limited funds it has, or offer referrals to other agencies.

Some households may need to stay warm or cool during the winter or summer months. Catholic Charities of Placer County will be giving away electric heaters and blankets to those in need. A box fan may be available during the summer. These are typically for people who are elderly or have a medical issue.

These thrift stores are open to people of all incomes, races, and religions. They will help families in need as well as the general public. The shoppers at the church-based centers will find items that are very cheap and have only been used lightly. Some stores have Christmas items on sale at low prices. This includes clothes, shoes, toys, household items, electronics, school supplies for kids, and cribs.

Catholic Charities of Placer County can help with housing needs. The center can help you find out if you qualify for Section 8 housing assistance, and can also provide information on other low income housing options in the area. In a limited number of situations, you may be able to get help with your security deposit. All applicants will be given ongoing advice so they know how to take care of their home and avoid becoming homeless in the future.

The center can help you find what you need. The office offers a variety of services, including access to computers, to clients. The staff from the non-profit organization refer the working poor to other organizations that can help them if they are out of the service area. Some people will not qualify for any programs offered by the company, so those families may be given referrals to other options.

Several counties are supporting this Catholic Charity service. Call the number provided for more information.

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