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Platte County Missouri Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army Service Extension Department in Platte County Missouri is a regional agency that provides support for low income families facing a crisis. Many different programs and recommendations exist. The Salvation Army will provide assistance to people during crisis situations by trying to arrange hot meals for adults and children, and providing shelter. Many times social workers will find helpful resources in the community that can provide extra assistance.

Each month, the Platte County Salvation Army provides hundreds of meals and hands out boxes of food to those in need. Some of the people that the company provides services for are elderly, adults from low income families, and children. The food items given out by the agency can be canned goods or, in some cases, fresh fruits or vegetables.

The Salvation Army also operates emergency shelters in the region. The centers are always open. The shelter will not only provide a place to stay for guests, but will also typically offer a hot meal. This is done to help people achieve the best possible outcome. Case managers focus on helping people become healthy, whole and self sufficient over time, as this is the only long term solution to homelessness or hunger. They work to help people get the resources they need to improve their situation and to find and maintain housing and employment.

This is the department that gives out financial aid. The Platte County Salvation Army may be able to help with some bills or living expenses, but money is limited. The agency will provide financial assistance to low-income families during crisis situations and will help families identify local community resources in Platte County.

Many people and businesses donate money to help those in need. Other organizations sometimes help to raise money for this cause through things like campaigns or appeals.

A majority of the money spent on utilities and heating bills is from November through June. This can help a senior or vulnerable family keep their home warm. This is not an ongoing program, but may be able to offer some one-time assistance. -The Salvation Army may be able to offer small dollar amounts to people struggling with rent or facing a foreclosure. This is not an ongoing program, but may be able to offer some one-time assistance.

-Some families may have gift certificates for food, in addition to what is in the pantry. -Lodging includes vouchers for a motel or emergency shelters in Platte County or Kansas City. -Transportation includes bus tickets or gasoline for a job interview.

The Platte County Salvation Army will help people who have been affected by a disaster to recover. People in Platte County who are in need are served by case managers and volunteers. Disaster relief may be available for those affected by a fire, flood, hurricane, or other event.

Mobile canteens that provide free food may be part of the assistance provided. Other disaster relief programs may include providing temporary shelter, blankets to help keep people warm, and a way to communicate. This means that there are other things that can be done to help during a disaster, such as providing light, counseling, or personal hygiene kits. They also work with FEMA and local agencies.

The Salvation Army of Platte County Pathway of Hope is a job placement program that helps clients overcome barriers and gain a better future for themselves. The client will have someone to help them throughout this process and they will figure out what they need to do and how to do it. A caseworker will help you make a plan to achieve your goals by finding out what you need and what your strengths are. The Department of Human Services in Platte County, Missouri offers a variety of programs to help residents with job training, child care, health services, education, and housing.

The Salvation Army provides seasonal services, such as Coats for Kids for Christmas, to help those in need in Platte County. The charity uses donations from volunteers and businesses to help children in the area. Businesses such as Pepsi Beverages, Wal-Mart, and others donate to the charity to help children in need. Some Angel Tree locations may offer free toys for children, Thanksgiving meals, and other holiday-related items. Senior citizens who live alone can also have a visitors during the holidays. People who participate in general care care about helping others in the community.

This means that the Platte County site is not limited to one specific area, but covers a larger region. For more information, please call (816)452-5663.

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