Plymouth County community clinics and health centers.

There are a variety of free medical and health care programs available in Plymouth County Massachusetts from clinics and health care centers. The services offered help patients to reduce their medical bills and debts. There are several community based health centers that help low income and uninsured patients have access to medical and dental care. The clinics focus on helping people who don’t have access to good medical care and who have low incomes. They are located in Quincy, Brockton, and other places in Plymouth County.

The clinics offer many different types of public health services, such as family planning, immunizations, pediatrics, and prescription drugs. If a center is not able to provide you with the medical or dental care that you need, they will work with other non-profit organizations to make sure you get the high quality care you need at an affordable price.

The Manet Community Health Center at Houghs Neck is a health center that provides medical services and resources to the community. These services include medications, free or low cost health and dental care, and more. To learn more about what the center has to offer, you can call them at (617) 471-8683.

Father Bill’s Place is a clinic that provides some basic medical care to needy and low income people in the community. The address of the clinic is 38 Broad Street in Quincy, MA, and the phone number is 617-770-3314. If a patient needs a more specialized level of care than what is available at the hospital, they can be referred to another hospital or center in Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

The Hull branch of the Manet Community Health Center is located at 180 George Washington Boulevard in Hull, Massachusetts. To make an appointment at the clinic, please call (781) 925-4550.

Brockton Neighborhood Health Care is a federally qualified health center that provides medical care to those who need it. Some programs may be offered for free to certain patients depending on their income and health insurance status. Some places provide vouchers for free or discounted prescriptions to people who need them.

The North Quincy Health Center is located at 110 West Squantum Street in Quincy, Massachusetts. The clinic can be reached by dialing (617) 376-3000.

Call Quincy Medical Center at (857) 403-0820 for information or to be seen by a doctor. Some of the programs available through the health department include basic medical care, vaccinations, family planning, and emergency health care.

This clinic is a good choice for those who are struggling to make ends meet. The center can be reached at (617) 471-4715.

The Main Spring House is a community clinic located at 54 North Main Street in Brockton, Massachusetts. The clinic can be reached at 508-587-5441.

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