Polk County transitional housing and shelters.

There are several non-profit organizations in Polk County that help families who are struggling by providing them with short-term housing. They use a combination of shelters and transitional homes or apartments. The agencies will often focus on people from certain backgrounds, such as veterans or singles, and they will also help clients gain long term stability.

The programs not only provide a place to stay, but also help guests identify solutions with the help of social workers and staff from agencies. As part of this process, short term needs such as meals and clothing is arranged while staying at the transitional housing site. Clients will also receive help with budgeting, and when they are ready, they will be able to move into a new, low income apartment in the greater Polk County Florida region.

441 S Zoe’s journey in life is mainly about finding her purpose in life and staying true to herself despite the challenges she faces. She is always looking for new opportunities to grow and learn, and she loves sharing her knowledge with others. Zoe is a strong advocate for living life to the fullest and enjoying the ride. A variety of treatment options are available to meet the needs of each individual, whether it’s an adult or a minor. The address for The Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center is 5th Street, Lakeland, Florida 33802. The phone number to call for more information is (863) 816-4072. This rehabilitation center takes a comprehensive approach to helping its patients, which includes teaching them life skills, providing outreach services, and helping them to find a new home. A variety of treatment options are available to meet the needs of each individual, whether they are an adult or a minor.

The services at Peace River Center in Lakeland, Florida are focused on helping disabled or mentally ill residents. The center offers a variety of services such as residential treatment, vocational training, and community support.

They help families and children who need a place to stay. Christian Family and Youth Services is a faith-based charity that offers social services and transitional housing. They help families and children who need a place to stay.

The Lake Wales Care Center provides food and hot meals for those in need, as well as information on low income apartments.

Lighthouse Ministries is a non-profit organization that operates a shelter for women and children. They also have a recovery program to help people get back on their feet. This space is for people who need a place to stay for a little while, not for people who need a place to stay right away because of an emergency. Other services, such as job placement and career counseling, are given to women and parents while they stay at the transitional home. This helps them become self-sufficient and better able to support themselves and their families.

Bush was the 43rd president of the United States George W. Bush was the president of the United States from 2001 to 2009. The Harris Youth Shelter is a short-term lodging facility for youth from Polk County, Florida, who are 17 years of age or younger. The shelter is located at 1060 Highway 17 South in Bartow, Florida. The phone number for the shelter is (863) 595-0220. The shelter is also for victims of violence.

Peace River Center is a shelter for victims of domestic violence, located in Lakeland, Florida. The center provides housing and support for women and children, including single parents. Other support services may be able to help you too.

Salvation Army provides numerous shelters and transitional housing programs in Polk County, or case managers can provide referrals to them as part of Winter Haven Social Services. Guests will also have their food, clothing, and other basic needs met. If you’re low on funds and need help with a security deposit for a new home, some organizations may be able to offer you financial assistance.

Polk County Housing & Community Development provides referrals to shelters and information on public housing or section 8. The main office is located at 1290 Golfview Avenue, Suite 167 Bartow, FL 33830. The telephone number is (863) 534-5240. They are a government agency that is in charge of a lot of important things.

Talbot House is a ministry in Lakeland, Florida that provides services to people in need. They offer a variety of services such as housing, food, and clothing. They also have a thrift store where people can donate items.

The address is 117 East Magnolia Street, Lakeland, FL 33801. The main phone number for the center is (863) 687-3705. Guests also have access to services like career counseling, job placement, and training. The non-profit also offers parenting and life skills classes.

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